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2nd Window Bioinformer
[EMBL-EBI] This quarterly newsletter focuses on research, development, and services in the bioinformatics field.
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2nd Window Genomics
[Academic Press] The goal of the journal Genomics is the promotion of all facets of human and mouse genetic analysis. The scope of the journal is broad, and studies of other species that provide important insights into gene function in human and mouse will be considered, especially papers that represent significant advances in our understanding of how genes function in normal and/or disease states. Papers in the areas of functional genomics, identification of genes involved in disease and complex traits, novel gene discovery, higher order genome organization, chromosome struc- ture, and functional genetic bases for human diversity are suitable.
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2nd Window Journal of Molecular Modeling & Graphics
[Springer Berlin Heidelberg] This journal is based on molecular modeling and implementation of graphics.
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