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2nd Window Agricultural Conferences, Meetings, Seminars Calendar
[Agriculture Network Information Center] These events can be viewed by subject category and by date. Some subject categories listed are animal science, plant science, general agriculture, food science and products, and veterinary science.
[more info][12443]

2nd Window Animal Cell Culture Methods and Scale-up Strategies
[Penn State] (University Park, PA) A newly designed and expanded course to emphasize more laboratory work and include modern techniques used with mammalian cell cultures from frozen stocks tobioreactor design. Lectures provide the background to understand the principles and techniques of animal cells in culture.
[more info][12081]

2nd Window ASM Conferences
[American Society for Microbiology] A listing of the ASM meetings and conferences which provide forum for the most current scientific discoveries and research in microbiology.
[more info][14054]

2nd Window BioCentury Sponsored Events
[BioCentury] A short list of biotechnology industry events sponsored by BioCentury.
[more info][12450]

2nd Window BioOnline News & Events
[BioOnline] The latest news and developments within the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors.
[more info][12026]

2nd Window Biopartnering Conferences
[The US-Israel Biotech Council] These meetings are intended to foster partnering between Israeli and US biotech concerns to pool financial and technical resources for future research.
[more info][12873]

2nd Window Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Development Meetings Calendar
[Cato Research Ltd.] The events in this extensive listing are U.S. are international (primarily European) and listed by date with sponsor contact information. They include many meetings and training workshops in techniques and regulatory information for medical/clinical and industrial applications. Also included are biotechnology and pharmaceutical research conferences. Notices of meetings may be posted by e-mail to the author. The browser’s Edit/Find command may be used to search for key words.
[more info][12442]

2nd Window Biotechnology Calendar
[Biotechnology Calendar, Inc.] List of biotechnology events in the San Diego and Los Angeles, CA areas.
[more info][12805]

2nd Window Biotechnology Calendar, Inc.
Our monthly publication, Biotechnology Calendar, offers information regarding upcoming events, employmentopportunities, supplies and services pertaining to the biotechnology community. Our publications cover boththe San Diego, CA and Los Angeles, CA areas. In addition, we produce on-campus trade shows at leading research institutions throughout the nation. Ourproduct shows provide researchers and vendors alike a unique opportunity to meet outside of the lab.
[more info][12863]

2nd Window Biotechnology Events
[InfoBiotech Canada] This site has separate listings of conferences in Canada and those held around the world. The conferences cover a wide variety of biotechnology-related topics, especially biomedical. Many of the meetings listed are sponsored by International Business Communications (http://www.ibcusa.com).
[more info][12448]

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2nd Window Biotechnology-Related Meetings, Symposia and Workshops
[Biotechnology Information Center, USDA] An extensive listing of U.S. and international biotechnology-related meetings arranged by date. Most of the links are to e-mail addresses of the organizers. The large variety of subjects covered include: environmental processes, agriculture products, bioprocesses, plant and animal molecular biology, bioethics and regulation, and pharmaceuticals.
[more info][12440]

2nd Window CABI’s Calendars of Events
[Commonwealth Agricultural Bureaux International] “Conferences, Symposia, Workshops and Training courses around the world in Entomology, Nematology, Plant Pathology, and Weed Science.”
[more info][12789]

2nd Window Calendar of Genome and Biotechnology Meetings
[Human Genome Management Information System] This listing covers a wide range of events dealing with research relevant to the Human Genome Project. Web site links and contact information are provided. These are international and the listings are arranged by meeting date.
[more info][12441]

2nd Window Cambridge Healthtech Institute
[CHI] Information on biomedical and biotechnology-related conferences sponsored by CHI. These conferences are held in the US and around the world. The program for each conference is available for download with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Conference topics include: cryobiology, crop production, NMR, protein structure, functional genomics, animal models, clinical informatics, bioinformatics, microarrays, andmolecular diversity.
[more info][12866]

2nd Window Cell and Molecular Biology Online: Societies and Organizations
[Pamela Gannon] (CMBO) Scientific society and organization sites detailing conferences and workshops they sponsor. This site can be very slow loading, but it does contain useful information.
[more info][12868]

2nd Window Center For Business Intelligence
[CBI] CBI is a conference company that focuses on producing high level programs for executive decision makers, who face strategic issues in domestic and international markets.
[more info][12791]

2nd Window Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Meetings and Courses
[CSHL] Information about meetings and courses in the biomedical and molecular genetic sciences presented by CSHL. These events are listed by subject area and date.
[more info][12792]

2nd Window Conference Programs
[Gordon Research Conferences] A listing of international biotechnology and biomedical conferences sponsored by Gordon Research Conferences.
[more info][12795]

2nd Window Conference Schedules and Agendas
[Barnett International] A list of upcoming conferences that deal with practical business and scientific issues in clinical labs and with clinical trials.
[more info][12788]

2nd Window Conferences and Courses in Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics
[Weizmann Institute of Science] (Genome and Bioinformatics) A short listing of links to information about upcoming molecular biology, biomedical, and bioinformatics conferences around the world. The information is not arranged by date or subject.
[more info][12445]

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2nd Window Doctor’s Guide to Medical Conferences and Meetings in Genetics
[P/S/L Consulting Group Inc.] A listing of genetics related events.
[more info][12794]

2nd Window Doctor’s Guide to Medical Conferences and Meetings in Immunology
A list of conferences and meetings that inform and appropriate use of medicines by health care professionals and organizations as well as by the people to whom they are prescribed. Doctor’s Guide was designed to help physicians cost-effectively harness the resources of the Internet and the World Wide Web.
[more info][12057]

2nd Window Events in Bioscience and Medicine
[Hum-Molgen] List of meetings and conferences by date.
[more info][11023]

2nd Window Fermentation Methods and Scale up Strategies
[Penn State] (University Park, PA) This course emphasizes laboratory work and demonstrations in microbial fermentation from laboratoty to pilot plant scale. Participants will have hands-on experience with different types and sizes of fermentors, as well as practical experiments that include the effects of media components on cell density; mixing, aeration, and oxygen mass transfer in fermentation systems; analysis and control of key parameters for product optimization; and computer control.
[more info][12074]

2nd Window Frontiers in Bioscience: Calendar of Events
[Home Journal Library Index] This list of biomedical and biotechnology-related events is somewhat confusing to use, mainly due to its arrangement, but it does contain links to events that are not contained in other sites.
[more info][12451]

2nd Window Hands-on Biotechnology and Bioprocessing Training Program
[Penn State University] (University Park, PA) A listing of hands-on courses and workshops presented at Penn State. Topics include animal cell culture, fermentation methods, and molecular biology techniques.
[more info][12816]

2nd Window HUM-MOLGEN
[Human Molecular Genetics Network] (U.S. Mirror Site) This site contains an extensive list of events in bioscience and medicine. The links are divided into meetings & conferences and courses & workshops in the US and abroad (primarily Europe) and may be viewed by date or subject area. To get to the events page for the site, click on the word “events” under the communications heading on the left of the home page. The site also contains a search engine to browse the links and a listing of the announcements that have been submitted within the last 2 weeks. Announcements may be posted to the site free of charge.
[more info][12439]

2nd Window IBC Life Sciences Pipeline
[International Business Communications] Conferences offered by IBC in the areas of drug discovery and development, clinical trials, therapeutics, manufacturing/scaleup, regulatory affairs, information technology, and pharmaceutical business strategy.
[more info][12871]

2nd Window ISB
[Information Systems for Biotechnology] Provides electronic resources and tools for agricultural and environmental biotechnology research, product development, regulatory issues, and biosafety.
[more info][11759]

2nd Window Keystone Symposia
[Keystone Symposia] These conferences are primarily on cellular and molecular biology with some on biochemical and biomedical information. They are all located in the southwest (Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, California and Utah), usually at ski resorts.
[more info][12872]

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2nd Window Knowledge Foundation: Upcoming Events
[Knowledge Foundation] List of upcoming conferences organized and sponsored by The Knowledge Foundation. Areas covered include life sciences, biomedical topics and material sciences. Detailed agendas are available.
[more info][13897]

2nd Window Life Science Meeting Database
[SciWeb] The database allows the user to search for meetings in a wide variety of biotechnology-related areas. Users may also post meeting information to the site.
[more info][12447]

2nd Window Links to Bioinformatics Servers on the Web: Meetings
[Inge Jonassen] (University of Bergen) US and international bioinformatics conferences listed by date. This site also includes information on previous meetings and links to other sites.
[more info][12444]

2nd Window Los Angeles Biotechnology Calendar
[Biotechnology and Biomedical Resources in Los Angeles] Details all biotechnology-related events in the Los Angeles, CA area. These seminars and meetings are biomedical and biotechnology-related. The site has a search engine, and users may post announcements of events to the site.
[more info][12864]

2nd Window Management Forum
[Management Forum Ltd.] “Management Forum organizes Conferences and Seminars on specialized topics relating to aspects of Agrochemicals, Biotechnology, Complementary Medicine, General Healthcare, Human Resources, Intellectual Property, Medical Devices, NHS, Nutritional Sciences, Pharmaceutical, and Veterinary Medicine.”
[more info][11165]

2nd Window MOTIF Bioinformatics Conference List
[Stanford University] List of Bioinformatics Conferences including: Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology, Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing, and Recomb Meetings. From the home page, click on resources, then on conferences.
[more info][12101]

2nd Window National Institutes of Health
[U.S. Department of Health and Human Services] “The NIH mission is to uncover new knowledge that will lead to better health for everyone. NIH works toward that mission by: conducting research in its own laboratories; supporting the research of non-Federal scientists in universities, medical schools, hospitals, and research institutions throughout the country and abroad; helping in the training of research investigators; and fostering communication of medical information.” This site provides information on health, news and events, grants and funding, scientific resources, and more.
[more info][12470]

2nd Window Plant Genome Data & Information Center
[USDA National Agricultural Library] This USDA site provides access to a variety of information products and services that relate to many aspects of plant and animal biotechnology and genomics.
[more info][12489]

2nd Window Previous Bioinformatics (and related) Meetings
[Inge Jonassen] (University of Bergen) Information on past international bioinformatics meetings.
[more info][12818]

2nd Window SciWeb
[SciWeb, Inc.] A large comprehensive web site with biotechnology and biomedical information, research protocols, career and job resources, meeting announcements, and more.
[more info][12502]

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2nd Window Select Science Events
[Select Science] Users must click on the “Events” tab in the menu across the top of the Select Science home page to get to this extenive searchable listing containing many biotechnology events.
[more info][12796]

2nd Window Separation and Purification Strategies for Biotechnology Products
[Penn State] (University Park, PA) This coursehelps participants understand and develop strategies for separatingand purifying proteins, recom