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2nd Window 7th conference on Small Genomes
[DOE, ONR, and NSF] (Arlington, VA) November 13-17, 1999. This was the seventh in a series of meetings on the sequence and function of small bacterial genomes.
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2nd Window 8th European Conference on the Spectroscopy of Biological Molecules
[ECSBM] (University of Twente, Netherlands) August 29 - September 2, 1999. "The scope of the Conference is to bring together scientists studying the (ultra) structure of biological molecules, cells and tissue, using spectroscopical techniques like IR and VIS absorption, CD, Raman, Fluorescence, NMR, and other methods (e.g. molecular mechanics and dynamics).
[more info][12827]

2nd Window Bioinformatics: Merging Biology and Computer Science
[SWBIC] (North Carolina Central University, Durham, NC) October 21-23, 1999. This workshop is an overview of the bioinformatics/computational molecular biology tools available for use over the Internet. It is intended for university faculty and staff in the areas of molecular biology and biochemistry, and for graduate students who desire an understanding of protein and nucleic acid sequence analysis, but have little knowledge of what tools are available on the Internet and how to use them.
[more info][12365]

2nd Window Biology, Chemistry and Evolution of Floral Scent
[Gordon Research Conferences] (Queen's College, Oxford, UK) September 5-10, 1999. "The conference was established to bring together scientists from fields as disparate as perfumery, neuroethology and evolutionary theory, many of whom share a common interest in floral scent."
[more info][12830]

2nd Window CO2-Fixation and Metabolism in Green Plants
[Gordon Research Conferences] (Queen's College, Oxford, UK) September 12-17, 1999. This conference included sessions on topics such as photosynthesis, CO2 enzymes, CO2 metabolism, and regulation.
[more info][12833]

2nd Window Computer-Based Medical Systems 1999
[University of Connecticut] (Stamford, CT) June 18-20, 1999. "The symposium provides a mechanism for the exchange of ideas and technologies between academians and industrial scientists who are developing Computer-Based Medical Systems."
[more info][12817]

2nd Window Extreme Biotechnology in the Classroom
[SWBIC] (Ruidoso High School, Ruidoso, NM) December 10-11, 1999. This workshop presents new and fun information on extremophiles, extremozymes, and recombinant DNA technologies.
[more info][12273]

2nd Window GIW '99: The Tenth Workshop on Genome Informatics
[Human Genome Center, Institute of Medical Science, University of Tokyo] (Tokyo, Japan) December 14-15, 1999. The Tenth Workshop on Genome Informatics (GIW '99) focused on Genome Informatics, including but not limited to research and development on theory, software tools, and application for the analysis, prediction and understanding of sequential, structural, and functional information which is included in Genome and their network of relations.
[more info][12850]

2nd Window In Silico Biology
[Georgia Tech] (November 11-14,1999) The Second Georgia Tech International Conference on Bioinformatics. The conference brought together computational biologists, genome researchers and "wet" experimenters to address fundamental questions raised by the progress of the Human Genome Project.
[more info][11924]

2nd Window International Symposium on Biological Control Agents in Crop and Animal Protection
[BIPESCO] (Wales, UK) August 24-28, 1999. This meeting on integrated crop and animal protection reviewed the progress made in recent years to reduce costs and improve the efficacy of biological control agents.
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2nd Window An Introduction to Protein Science
[University of Oxford] (Oxford, England) September 7-8, 1999. "It is the aim of the course to elucidate the links between the chemical structure of proteins and their conformational and functional properties, and to show how, despite the apparent complexities, patterns are currently emerging that allow us to understand and predict protein structures."
[more info][12832]

2nd Window Mechanisms of Cell Signalling - G-Proteins
[Gordon Research Conferences] (Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, Singapore) September 5-10, 1999. The conference included sessions on topics such as G-protein binding, signalling and regulation.
[more info][12831]

2nd Window Microbial Aquatic Symbiosis
(Oban, Scotland) September 1-3, 1999. "From phylogeny to biotechnology."
[more info][12828]

2nd Window Molecular Evolution
[Gordon Research Conferences] (Hayama, Japan) October 24-29, 1999. This Gordon Conference included sessions on molecular evolution of infectious diseases, immunity, population genetics, and genomic evolution.
[more info][12840]

2nd Window Ninth European Congress on Biotechnology
[European Federation of Biotechnology] The first European Congress exhibition on health, agro-foods, environment, and chemicals. July 11-15, 1999 in Brussels, Belgium.
[more info][12822]

2nd Window Online Pharmacies
[CBI] (Chicago , IL) October 21, 1999. This conference brings together the industry's leaders in retail pharmacy. The Conference provides the latest information for those that have on line pharmacy services or are thinking about taking their pharmacy online.
[more info][12839]

2nd Window Optimizing Lead Selection and Early Attrition
[CBI] (Philadelphia, PA) September 27, 1999. For every 10 drug candidates that enter the clinical pipeline, only one emerges as a marketable product. The pharmaceutical industry has long accepted this ratio of attrition as a fact of life. When entering clinical trials, every compound brings with it a certain level of risk.
[more info][12837]

2nd Window Second International Conference on Medical Image Computing & Computer-Assisted Intervention
[University of Kent at Canterbury and University of Cambridge] (Cambridge, England) September 19-22, 1999. "MICCAI has become the premier large-scale conference on medical image computing and computer assisted intervention including medical robots, with in depth discussion and full proceeding papers. It brings together scientists and clinicians. The focus is on the introduction of new image computing and image-guided intervention techniques into clinical practice and their validation."
[more info][12834]

2nd Window Solid State Chemistry II
[Gordon Research Conferences] (Queen's College, Oxford, UK) September 19-24, 1999. This conference included sessions on combinatorial chemistry, porous solids, thin films, and electronic materials.
[more info][12835]

2nd Window Third European Symposium of the Protein Society
[FASEB] (Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany) September 19-22, 1999. Program topics included protein dynamics, protein folding machines, protein degradation, and protein complexes in cell cycle regulation.
[more info][12836]

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2nd Window Thirteenth Symposium of the Protein Society
[FASEB] (Boston, MA) July 24-28, 1999. The symposium included workshops and lectures on Design and Discovery of Protein Ligands, Misfolding and Disease, and related topics.
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