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2nd Window Biotechnology Associations
[MedBioWorld] Numerous links to associations, organizations, institutes, databases, and information portals in the field of biotechnology.
[more info][12121]

2nd Window The Ecological Society of America
[ESA] (San Diego Supercomputer Center) The purpose of this non-profit organization is to help increase sound ecological research, help communicate and spread information in this science, and promote responsible applications of this knowledge to public issues.
[more info][13114]

2nd Window Genetics and Genomics Associations
[BioMedWorld] Numerous links to associations, organizations, institutes, databases, and information portals in the field of genetics and genomics.
[more info][11916]

2nd Window Scholarly Societies Project
[University of Waterloo] A large list of professional societies and information pertaining to the organization. This site also has a database with a search engine for easier searching within the societies.
[more info][13163]

2nd Window Society for Applied Spectroscopy
[SAS] The goal of this society is to increase information and knowledge in the areas of art and science of spectroscopy. Spectroscopy is the science of absorption, mass, emission, and other related topics that determine the composition and structure of matter.
[more info][13204]

2nd Window The Society for Conservation Biology
[University of Texas] (SCB) SCB provides information that relates to biological conservation and educational resources for the use of everyone, from students to professionals.
[more info][13117]

2nd Window TechExpo Directory of Hi-Tech Organizations in the Engineering and Medical/Life Sciences
[TechExpo Corp.] This site lists organizations alphabetically, and posts a hot-linked page for each qualifying organization, including charters, membership information, benefits, dues, etc.
[more info][13164]

2nd Window Welcome to The QSAR and Modelling Society
This society was founded to share information between members to prevent overlapping research in statistical modelling, molecular modelling, and computer-aided drug design.
[more info][13107]


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