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American Chemical Society ChemCenter
[ACS] This society provides ways to stay current in their profession by networking with peers, publishing their research , and working to improve the public’s understanding and appreciation of the chemical sciences. Other services include Career Services, Member Insurance Programs, discounted rates for ACS Meetings, and ACS Publications. Learn about our Minority Affairs Program, and peruse our Grants and Awards programs.

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American Institute of Chemical Engineers
AIChE is a professional
association of more than 50,000
members that provides leadership in
advancing the chemical engineering
profession. AIChE fosters and disseminates
chemical engineering knowledge,
supports the professional and personal
growth of its members, and applies the
expertise of its members to address
societal needs throughout the world.

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American Oil Chemists’ Society
[AOCS] There are over 5,000 members in this society, including students, corporations, and professionals. The goal for this society is to help increase the knowledge of fats, oils, proteins, surfactants, detergent fields, and other related materials.

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American Society for Neurochemistry
[ASN] The goals of this society are to advance and promote neurochemistry, to create better communication between investigators in neurochemistry, and to promote individual neurochemist’s research.

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The Chemical Society of Japan Home Page
[CSJ] This society was founded in 1878 for the advancement of chemistry research, and has contributed results of chemical research to chemists throughout the world. The main goals of this society are to increase the knowledge and advancement of chemistry and to share results with other societies in related fields.

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Czech Chemical Society
[CCS] This is one of the largest and oldest of all chemical societies. Most of this society’s members are university graduated specialists who help organize professional and scientific events, conferences, and meetings.

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The Electrochemical Society
[ECS] This society deals with electrochemical and solid state science and technology.

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International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry
[IUPAC] This society serves to advance worldwide aspects of the chemical sciences, and to contribute to the application of chemistry in the service of mankind. As a scientific, international, non governmental, and objective body, IUPAC can address many global issues involving the chemical sciences.

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Italian Chemical Society
This society is made up of professors dealing with various fields of chemistry. The goal of this society is to support and represent the chemical society and encourage scientific interactions.

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The Oxygen Society
The purpose of this society is to foster approaches on understanding the advantages and the deleterious properties of different oxygen species. Promotion is directed to developing mechanistic approaches on the chemistry of harmful oxygen species and the consequences of their actions in medicine and biology.

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Royal Society of Chemistry
[RSC] (Chem Soc) The RSC is the learned society for chemistry, and the professional body for chemists in the UK. The Society is a major publisher of chemical information, supports the teaching of chemistry at all levels, organizes hundreds of chemical meetings a year, and is a leader in communicating science to the public.

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Society for Applied Spectroscopy
[SAS] The goal of this society is to increase information and knowledge in the areas of art and science of spectroscopy. Spectroscopy is the science of absorption, mass, emission, and other related topics that determine the composition and structure of matter.

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Society for Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry
[SETAC] This is a non-profit organization that unites scientists and researchers in government, business, and independent clinics to share information and research observations in toxicology and chemistry.

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Welcome to the Danish Chemical Society
The goal of this society is to provide a forum for all chemists to help increase the knowledge and advancement of chemistry. This is achieved by publishing new findings in the scientific journal, Acta Chemica Scandinavica.

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Welcome to The Society for Biomaterials
The purpose of this society is to increase the advancement of material research and development through programs, applications, and professional standards. Biomaterials are natural or man made materials that comprise a living structure.

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Welcome to the Society of Chemical Industry
[The Society of Chemical Industry] (SCI) The goal of this society is to increase the appreciation and knowledge of chemistry and related sciences in the public.

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