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American Heart Association
The American Heart Association supports research activities broadly related to cardiovascular function and disease, stroke, or to related basic science, clinical, bioengineering/biotechnology and public health problems. Principal Investigator must have doctoral degree and faculty/staff appointment at a non-profit institution/organization in the U.S.

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American Medical Women’s Association
[AMWA] This organization operates on an international level to support women in the advancement of medicine and health.

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American Society for Bone and Mineral Research
[ASBMR] The major goal of this medical/scientific society is to unite experimental and clinical scientists who are involved in the study of mineral metabolism and bones. Promotions of this interaction are done through an annual meeting and the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research.

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American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science
[ASCLS] The purpose of this society is to promote all aspects of clinical laboratory science practices, management education, and to provide leadership to all clinical laboratory science practitioners.

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American Society for Healthcare Engineering
[ASHE] The purpose of this society is to help support and prepare the members in its society as they manage their field environment, which is essential to health care delivery.

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American Society for Nutritional Sciences
[ASNS] The primary objective of this society is to help improve the quality of life though nutritional science. This is done by enhancing nutritional research in animals and humans, providing sharing opportunities, and providing quality and training in nutrition.

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American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics
[ASPET] The foundation for this society was based on the fact that experimental therapeutics and pharmacology needed to develop further. The purpose of this society is to increase and share knowledge in experimental therapeutics and pharmacology for further development.

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American Society for Reproductive Medicine
[ASRM] This organization was founded in 1944 to study reproduction and reproductive disorders. The purpose of this society is to advance knowledge and expertise in reproductive medicine and biology.

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American Society of Echocardiography
[ASE] The purpose of this society is to unite individuals in the field of cardiography. Echocardiography is the process of taking moving pictures of the heart.

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American Society of Emergency Radiology
[ASER] (Janet Cooper) The purpose of this society is to improve methods of education, provide presentations of scientific papers on various aspects, promote research, and to advance and improve the radiologic aspects of emergency radiology.

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Association of Women Surgeons
[AWS] AWS supports women surgeons in realizing their professional and personal goals. The goals of this association are to unite women surgeons around the world, to provide an environment suppportive to women’s goals, and to increase the standards of ethical behavior among women surgeons.

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Biomedical Engineering Society
[BES] BES is a non-profit society that helps provide equal representation of biomedical engineers and unites these individuals for increased knowledge and utilization of the biomedical field.

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BMD Homepage
[American Nuclear Society (ANS)] This is a non-profit international, scientific, and educational organization. This society was founded to unify professionals in the diverse fields of nuclear science and technology.

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California Chicano/Latino Medical Student Association
[CMSA] The goal of this association is to provide a forum for Chicano/Latino pre-medical and medical school students who are interested in the improvement of health care in underserved communities.

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Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society
[EMBS] (IEEE, Inc.) The goals of this society are to advance the applications of science and technology engineering relating to medicine and biology, to provide global leadership, and to promote this profession with set standards.

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Forensic Science Society
The Forensic Science Society has followed its original intention of acting as a multidisciplinary society dedicated to the application of Science to the cause of Justice.

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International Society for Pharmacoepidemiology
[ISPE] ISPE studies the effectiveness, use, value, and safety of pharmaceuticals, and also helps promote pharmacoepidemiology.

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International Society of Biomechanics
[ISB] This society contacts other scientists to help increase knowledge of biomechanics. Emphasis at an international level is on the field of human movement.

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National Black Nurses Association
[NBNA, Inc.] NBNA is an association comprised of professional nurses who desire to improve health care for the African American community.

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National Hispanic Medical Association
[NHMA] NHMA is an organization whose purpose is to supply information to health care providers and policymakers in the hopes of improving health care for Hispanics in the US.

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National Institute of Health Black Scientist Association
[NIH BSA] This association was formed to address the health and scientific issues of minorities in general and the black community in particular.

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The Oxygen Society
The purpose of this society is to foster approaches on understanding the advantages and the deleterious properties of different oxygen species. Promotion is directed to developing mechanistic approaches on the chemistry of harmful oxygen species and the consequences of their actions in medicine and biology.

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Radiation Research Society
[Radiological Society of North America, Inc. (RSNA)] (RRS) The mission of this society is to facilitate cooperative research between the disciplines of physics, chemistry, biology, and medicine in the study of the properties and effects of radiation.

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The Science Advisory Board
[BioInformatics, LLC.] The Science Advisory Board is a worldwide panel of more than 6,000 life science and medical professionals that convenes electronically to voice their opinions on a wide range of topics in emerging biomedical technologies.

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Society for Biomolecular Screening
[SBS] The mission of this society is to maintain and promote ethical standards and education in the high throughput screening profession.

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Society for Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry
[SETAC] This is a non-profit organization that unites scientists and researchers in government, business, and independent clinics to share information and research observations in toxicology and chemistry.

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Society for the Advancement of Women’s Imaging
[RSNA] The mission of this society is to provide a forum where physicians can develop and promote a subspecialty within diagnostic radiology devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and conditions unique to women.

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Society for Vascular Medicine and Biology
[SVMB] This society is distinguished by the emphasis put on vascular disorders. The goals of SVMB are to keep high standards of vascular medicine and to improve vascular advances in medical practice.

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Society of Nuclear Medicine
[SNM] Nuclear medicine involves the use of painless techniques that help treat some diseases in the body. The chief purposes of this society are to increase knowledge about this topic and to foster research and development of new advances.

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Student National Medical Association
[SNMA] SNMA is a student run organization dedicated to the needs and concerns of minority medical and pre-medical students. They focus on education, community service, and advocacy.

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