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The American Physiological Society
[APS] The major roles of this non profit society are to distribute information on the physiological sciences and to foster education. This society is also an important role player in the progress of science.

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American Society for Neurochemistry
[ASN] The goals of this society are to advance and promote neurochemistry, to create better communication between investigators in neurochemistry, and to promote individual neurochemist’s research.

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British Society for Developmental Biology
[University of Edinburgh] (Jaime Davies) The main purpose of this society is to represent developmental biology to external organizations in Europe and the UK. Research information is published in Development, the Journal of Cell Science, and the Journal of Experimental Biology.

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Cognitive Neuroscience Society
[Dartmouth College] (CNS) This society is committed to the development of mind and brain research aimed at investigating the psychological, computational, and neuroscientific bases of perception and cognition.

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German Society of Neurogenetics
[GSN] This society is a combination of a wide range of fields such as biophysics, human genetics, neuroanatomy, neurosurgery, neurobiochemistry, and neurology. The goal of this society is to increase the exchange of information between these fields, which is done through workshops and newsletters.

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International Neural Network Society
[INNS] This society is made up of students, engineers, scientists, and others who are seeking to learn about, and advance the understanding of, the behaviors of the brain, the processes it undergoes, and the applications of neural modeling concepts to technical problems.

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The International Society of Neuropathology
This is a non-profit society whose purpose is to help increase formation of regional and national societies of neuropathology.

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The Physiological Society
This society’s purpose is to serve as an interface between the general public, government, research, and education. This society also increases the communications and the spread of knowledge between physiologists.

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Society for Developmental Biology
[Purdue University] (SDB) The purpose of this society is dedicated to increase the public’s understanding of developmental biology, and promote educational excellence in developmental biology.

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Society for In Vitro Biology
[SIVB] The purpose of this society is to encourage the exchange of knowledge of in vitro biology of cells, organs, and tissues from animals and plants. This knowledge focuses on biological research, applications, and development that is significant to the society and science.

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Society for Neuroscience
[SFN] Neuroscientists investigate the molecular and cellular levels of the nervous system; the systems within the brain, such as vision and hearing; and behavior produced by the brain. This research provides the basis for understanding the medical fields concerned with treating nervous system disorders. These medical specialties include neurology, neurosurgery, and psychiatry.

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