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American Bryological and Linchenological Society
[ABLS] (University of Nebraska-Omaha) This society is one of the oldest botanical organizations in the nation. The study of this organization is dedicated to every biological aspect of the lichen forming fungi and the bryophytes.

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The American Fern Society
[AFS] This society was founded in 1893 to promote interest in ferns and fern allies. This society encourages the exchange of specimens and information among amateurs, professionals, and members through its newsletter and the web.

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American Society for Cybernetics
[American Society for Cybernetics] The website for the American Society for Cybernetics.

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American Society of Plant Physiologists
[ASPP] This society was established to promote the development of plant physiology, to increase the interest of plant science, and to publish research in this field.

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American Society of Plant Taxonomists
[ASPT] The purpose of this society is to increase research and teaching in taxonomy and the phylogeny of vascular and nonvascular plants.

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APSnet Plant Pathology Online
[The American Phytopathological Society] (APS) This society provides a large array of information about common problems and new development in this field. This society also produces a journal in which members of the society can publish new developments and techniques.

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Canadian Phytopathological Society
[CPS] The purpose of this society is to develop new techniques for the purpose of making crops to be grown profitably in Canada.

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Center for Animal Biotechnology
[University of Melbourne] Uses large animal models to create a variety of pharmaceutical drugs and treatments for livestock and humans. Products include vaccines, reagents and kits, drug delivery systems and new drugs. Lists goals, organizations and meetings. Located in Melbourne, Australia.

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Controlled Release Society
[CRS] CRS is an international organization whose primary purpose is to help the advancement of technology in biology and chemistry with the utilization of better delivery systems.

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The Cybernetics Society
[The Cybernetics Society] “The UK national learned society and professional body promoting pure and applied cybernetics.”

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Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics
The Institute of Cybernetics specializes in developing the fundamental and applicational problems of cybernetics.

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The Japanese Society of Plant Physiologists
[JSPP] The mission of this society is to unite scientists in basic and applied plant research fields. This society makes publications to share and promote new knowledge and techniques.

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Science of Longevity Foundation
A social organization located in Russia which focuses on assisting scientific research projects that are aimed at the extension of the human life span. They are also involved in cooperative arrangements with biotechnology companies.

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