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American Society for Microbiology
[ASM] This society is made up of these five boards: education and training, meeting, membership, public and scientific affairs, and publications. Each board has a certain responsibility in helping to maintain this single largest life science organization in the world. This society also publishes a journal pertaining to anything microbiological for the purpose of increasing knowledge in this science.

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American Society for Virology
[ASV] (Judy Gaza) This society was founded in order in order to unite scientists that study and research bacterial, fungal, plant, insect, animal, and human viruses. Research can be ecological, biological, biochemical, or clinical approaches to these viruses.

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The American Society of Parasitologists
[Scott Gardner and Mark Siddall] (ASP) The goal of this society is to increase the teaching and study of Parasitology. Groups of scientists from industry, government, and academia formed this society.

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Bacteriophage Ecology Group
A site with information on this scientific association dedicated to the ecology and evolutionary biology of the parasites of unicellular organisms. The site also provides scientific information on bacteriophages.

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British Mycological Society
[BMS] (University of Ulster) The interests of this society represent pathogenic fungi, genetics, evolution, ecology, conservation, biotechnology, and biodiversity.

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The Chinese Society for Microbiology
[CSM] The Chinese Society for Microbiology was founded in 1952, and is now a member society of both the China Association for Science and Technology and The International Union of Microbiological Societies.

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International Society for Evolutionary Protistology
[Charles O’Kelly and Tim Littlejohn] (ISEP) This society is open to anyone who is interested in protistology. The purpose of this society is to provide information on the interests in taxonomy, phylogeny, and the evolution of protists.

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Phycological Society of America
The Phycological Society of America (PSA) is a scientific organization that promotes phycology, the study of algae, and fosters phycological research and education.

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Scottish Microbiology Society
This web site details the activities of the Scottish Microbiology Society and provides a newsletter and information about upcoming society and society sponsored meetings.

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Society for General Microbiology
[SGM] The goal of this society is to advance the science of microbiology. This goal is achieved through regular meetings to share new knowledge, publications such as journals, and through the promotion of microbiology through all educational levels.

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