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2nd Window Agriscape
Agriscape is a worldwide directory on agriculture and its surrounding industry. Agriscape offers links to companies and products of the agriculture industry. Agriscape also lists research and academic sites as well as an extensive collection of conferences on topics related to agriculture.
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2nd Window American Society of Agricultural Engineers
[ASAE] This is a non-profit society that was founded for technician and professionals interested in engineering knowledge and technology for agriculture and food. This society coordinates meetings for the purpose of increasing knowledge by sharing information and research results.
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2nd Window American Society of Animal Science
[ASAS] (University of Illinois) Established in 1908, the American Society of Animal Science is a professional organization for animal scientists designed to help members provide effective solutions to problems thorough research, extension, teaching, and service for the dynamic and rapidly changing livestock and meat industries.
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2nd Window APSnet Plant Pathology Online
[The American Phytopathological Society] (APS) This society provides a large array of information about common problems and new development in this field. This society also produces a journal in which members of the society can publish new developments and techniques.
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2nd Window Canadian Phytopathological Society
[CPS] The purpose of this society is to develop new techniques for the purpose of making crops to be grown profitably in Canada.
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2nd Window Center for Animal Biotechnology
[University of Melbourne] Uses large animal models to create a variety of pharmaceutical drugs and treatments for livestock and humans. Products include vaccines, reagents and kits, drug delivery systems and new drugs. Lists goals, organizations and meetings. Located in Melbourne, Australia.
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