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[Association of University Technology Managers] A nonprofit association with membership of more than 2,300 technology managers and business executives who manage intellectual property, representing over 300 universities, research institutions, teaching hospitals and a similar number of companies and government organizations.

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[Market Value Concepts] A site with many biotech legal resource links. Topics include patents, trademarks, copyrights, non-disclosure agreements, and more.

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Biotechnology Permits Database
[United States Department of Agriculture] A database of submitted biotechnology permits.

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Copyright and Fair Use
[Stanford Univ.] A site covering copyrights and what constitutes fair use of copyrighted material.

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Copyright Management Center
[Indiana Univ.] A site containing information about copyright issues arising in the creation of original works and in the use of existing copyrighted works for teaching, research, and training.

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The Copyright Website
[Benedict O’Mahoney, J.D.] This site provides real world, practical, and relevant copyright information, including instructive current copyright cases.

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Intellectual Property
[American Society for Engineering Education] A site that contains a number of useful links which include information on intellectual property, patents, copyrights, and trademarks.

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Intellectual Property Law Web Server
[Oppedahl & Larson LLP] This site offers information about patent, copyright, trademark, trade secrets, and other intellectual property services.

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Inventor’s Resource
[Andy Gibbs] ( A site providing a one-stop information resource for inventors, attorneys, and others interested in the fields of patents, copyrights, and trademarks.

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KuesterLaw Technology Law Resource
[KuesterLaw] This website is intended to be the most comprehensive resource on the internet for technology law information including patent, copyright, and trademark law.

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This site lists patents that are ready to be abandoned
from major corporations, often valuable patents that might be non-core for a particular seller, in the hopes of finding an interested buyer and
realizing revenue that would not be available otherwise.

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PATEX is an
online technology transfer site that features over 15,000 high quality patents and technology listings from many of the world�s leading R&D
organizations representing a cross section of industry sectors, including chemicals, biotechnology, materials, communications, computers,
microelectronics, defense, medical and energy. PATEX allows individuals and companies to search for patents and technologies available for

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U. S. Patent and Trademark Office
This is the official U.S. Department of Commerce Patent and Trademark Office site. It contains information on patents, how to obtain one, and who has one.

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