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2nd Window Agriculture Biotechnolgy Patents and New Technologies
[United States Department of Agriculture] Selected full-text agriculture patents and links to other patent resources.
[more info][11873]

2nd Window BIOTECH Patent News
Provides updates on the latest headlines from BIOTECH Patent News, summaries of recently issued US patents, descriptions of biotechnology available for license, and recent commentary and reviews by biotechology legal professionals.
[more info][13391]

2nd Window Biotechnology and Computer Software
[Elman & Associates] An online lecture exploring how the patent system responds to rapidly growing technologies.
[more info][11829]

2nd Window Biotechnology and United States Patent Practice
[Ladas & Parry] A primer on the U.S. biotechnology patent process.
[more info][11874]

2nd Window Community of Science
[Community of Science, Inc.] Community of Science, Inc. is the leading creator of Internet communities that enable R&D professionals to communicate, exchange information, and find people and ideas that are important to them. It also has a searchable database of U.S. and European patents.
[more info][11876]

2nd Window Derwent
[The Thomson Corporation] A site providing a patent primer as well as a variety of patent related services including searches, translations, and orders for patent documents.
[more info][11881]

2nd Window The DNA Patent Database
[Georgetown Univ.] A database that enables users to conduct searches of full text for DNA-based patents.
[more info][11882]

2nd Window EPO
[European Patent Office] This site has a searchable database of European patents. There is also a "toolbox" for European patent applicants, including downloadable forms and software.
[more info][11883]

2nd Window GlobalTechnoScan
[GTS Consultants P. LTD.] GlobalTechnoScan is the leading online technology transfer market place - Science News, R&D, Licensing and Technology transfer, Venture Capital, Patents and IP, Science Policy, and events.
[more info][13898]

2nd Window Internet Patent Search System
[Source Translation & Optimization] This site is designed to perform patent searches and queries to access information on the patenting process.
[more info][11886]

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2nd Window MicroPatent
A site providing solutions that streamline online patent research and document delivery. Registration is required for basic services and a fee is required for advanced services.
[more info][11889]

2nd Window Patent Listings
[Informagen, Inc.] A listing of biotechnology related patents. A password is required.
[more info][11890]

2nd Window The Patent Outline
[Jim Kwak, J.D.] Various intellectual property resources, including an outline of the patent process.
[more info][11892]

2nd Window PharmaLicensing Ltd.
Licensing information, United Kingdom, for the biotechnology, drug delivery, biomedical, pharmaceutical, and diagnostics industries.
[more info][11887]

2nd Window SciWeb
[SciWeb, Inc.] A large comprehensive web site with biotechnology and biomedical information, research protocols, career and job resources, meeting announcements, and more.
[more info][12502]


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