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2nd Window The Bioethics Bulletins
[Univ. of Alberta and the Capital Health Authority] A site with articles covering a range of bioethics topics.
[more info][11845]

2nd Window Bio-Ethics Law mailing list archive
[Washburn University School of Law Library] An archive of a bioethics mailing list, along with information on how to subscribe to the list.
[more info][11848]

2nd Window BIOETHICS news
[Bioethics European Module] This site is run by 8 European universities and offers an online course in bioethics. The site also provides links to bioethics news and conferences.
[more info][11847]

2nd Window Biomedical Ethics
[Univ. of Tübingen, Germany] An online journal of biomedical ethics with a searchable archive of past articles.
[more info][11849]

2nd Window Biotechnology and Its Social Inpacts
[Princeton Univ.] An online course covering many bioethics topics.
[more info][11850]

2nd Window Biotechnology Laws and Policies
[BIO] A page dealing with a variety of information on legal and ethical issues in biotechnology.
[more info][11862]

2nd Window Center for Bioethics
[Univ. of Pennsylvania] Covers various bioethics-related issues including cloning, bioethics in the ER, euthanasia, and more.
[more info][10138]

2nd Window The Council for Responsible Genetics
[GeneWatch] A national nonprofit organization providing a bulletin exploring the social implications of biotechnology.
[more info][11851]

2nd Window Genetic Manipulation Advisory Committee
[Australian Government] The site of a committee that oversees the development and use of innovative genetic manipulation techniques in Australia so that risks associated with the genetics of manipulated organisms are identified and can be managed.
[more info][11854]

2nd Window Mammalian Cloning
[Elman & Associates] An online lecture considering the implications of mammalian cloning for science and society.
[more info][11855]

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2nd Window Medical Ethics
[Corporation for Public Broadcasting] An interactive project designed to help participants learn about current medical research and trends and the complicated ethical questions they raise.
[more info][11856]

2nd Window The National Reference Center for Bioethics Literature
[Georgetown Univ.] This site contains lists of books, journals, newspaper articles, legal materials, regulations, codes, government publications, and other relevant documents concerned with issues in biomedical and professional ethics.
[more info][11858]

2nd Window NBAC
[National Bioethics Advisory Commision] The executive branch commision chartered to review and make recommendations on studies involving humans. This site also has links to annual reports and a study on human cloning.
[more info][11857]

2nd Window Proffesional Ethics Report
[American Association for the Advancement of Science] A quarterly newsletter dedicated to professional ethics issues for those engaged in scientific research.
[more info][11859]


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