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2nd Window 4Biotech
[4anything.com, Inc.] 4Biotech is a general information resource with topics in biotech stocks, information and resources, and organizations.
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2nd Window Bio Online
A leading web resource for the life sciences, Bio Online also features a store, career center, corporate profiles, and events.
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2nd Window BioDrugTechnology.com
The objective of BioDrugTechnology.com is to provide a wealth of information pertaining to the areas of therapeutic and medical diagnostic products and processes. This portal contains the best sites on the web, corporate profiles, news, job, investor, and the most up-to-date information in this ever changing industry.
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2nd Window Gene Browser
[Nature Technology Corporation] A comprehensive site with links to information and resources in biotechnology and bioinformatics. The large number of resource categories include academic sites, conferences, employment, genomics, proteins, grants & contracts, intellectual property, methods & protocols, software, and venture capital.
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2nd Window Pharma-i.com
[SMi Group] "Pharma-i.com is a business-to-business vertical market portal, and is the only way to keep up with the rapid pace of change within Pharmaceuticals. Pharma-i.com is the ultimate resource for online Pharmaceuticals news, research and market information, and supports business-to-business services by uniting buyers and sellers and enabling online transactions."
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