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2nd Window ACM Medical Laboratory
ACM has been providing high-quality, reliable, and comprehensive laboratory testing services for clinical trials, physicians, and long-term care facilities.
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2nd Window AEGIS Clinical Trials Knowledgebase
Information about clinical trials, including trials by category, location, disease or condition, and more.
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2nd Window Almedica
[Almedica International 2000] Almedica was founded to address the need in the pharmaceutical industry to produce, manage, and track investigational drugs.
[more info][11781]

2nd Window Clinical Trials Online
Specializes in the conduct of randomized double-blind clinical trials of therapeutic products entirely over the Internet.
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2nd Window LabCorp
[Laboratory Corporation of America] This corporation covers all aspects of centralized testing, from preclinical all the way through phase IV; also, method development, esoteric tests, pharmaceutical analysis, and drug metabolism testing.
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2nd Window Washington Biotechnology
[Washington Biotechnology Inc.] Washington Biotechnology serves the biopharmaceutical industry and the biomedical research community with high quality, speedy, and personalized technical, regulatory, and project management services.
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