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BIOTECH Patent News
Provides updates on the latest headlines from BIOTECH Patent News, summaries of recently issued US patents, descriptions of biotechnology available for license, and recent commentary and reviews by biotechology legal professionals.

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Federal Bio-Technology Transfer Directory
[Biotechnology Information Institute] A database of all federal laboratory inventions, licenses granted, and Collaborative Research and Development Agreements in the biomedical, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical areas from 1980 to 2000.

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Technology Transfer Information Center
[National Agricultural Library (USDA)] Provides searchable data base for all aspects of technology transfer, intellectual property, venture capital, etc., to promote rapid conversion of federally-developed inventions into commercial products by getting results of research into the hands of those who can put it into practical use.

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Technology Transfer Society
[Washington Area Chapter] The Washington Area Chapter of the Technology Transfer Society which maintains a selection of definitions, mechanisms, bibliographies, online documents, references, and an informative course entitled “Technology Transfer: Issues and Processes.”

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