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AGW Biotechnology Consultants
[AGW Biostrategy, LLC.] Professional consulting services in biotechnology and health care with scientific and medical backgrounds in small molecules and combinatorial chemistry, neuroscience, molecular pharmacology, bioinformatics and computational biology, immunotherapeutics, medical devices, cancer and cell biology, and genomics.

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Consulting services for the biotechnology, genomics and pharmaceutical spaces. Full service consulting in LIMS, bioinformatics, infrastructure, database and project management.

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BioMed Capital
[BioMed Capital Group Ltd.] A strategic and business advisory firm providing services internationally in bio-technological strategy development, divestitures, distribution and marketing agreements, and capital formation.

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[ECBIO – Biotechnology Consultants] Providing regulatory and manufacturing compliance assessments, market analysis, technical and financial evaluation of new business opportunities, implementing new businesses from the idea to the company creation, including 6 months management follow-up.

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[Fully Integrated bioPharmaceutical Companies] Providing knowledge and assistance to the business, scientific, academic, legal and private sectors on scientific and technology strategies, feasibility analysis, patent analysis, market analysis, and market strategies.

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Front Line Consulting
[Front Line Strategic Management Consulting, Inc.] Strategy and market consultancy specializing in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

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NewVentures Bioconsulting
An international consulting firm providing bioscientific technology assessments and consulting services to the biotechnology, investment and legal communities.

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PharmaPlus Consultancy
A privately held independent consultancy company–specialized in worldwide services on strategic alliances, project management, and account management for medical and pharmaceutical clients.

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Quintiles Transnational
[Quintiles Transnational Corp.] Quintiles accelerates the development and availability of important medicines by combining specialized knowledge with advanced technology.

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Resources Development
[iHumans, Inc] A consultancy and search agent in Tokyo for bioventure alliance and strategic partnering, technology transfer and R&D collaboration, and searches executives and scientists.

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TechGeorgia Nexus
Product development in the Medical Device, Biotechnology, and Information Technology Industry to enable our customers to get their products to market in the shortest possible time, a nexus of resources for the Medical, Biotechnology, and Information Technology Industries.

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Technology, Licensing and Transfer
[Rosenman & Colin LLP] Technology transfer agreements, including the licensing and sale of intellectual property assets. Such agreements may include the licensing or sale of biotechnology, electronics, software, or trademarks covering goods and services involving these areas.

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Technology Transfer, Korea
[Gentrol] Technology transfer-consulting firm with special emphasis on biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, food, agriculture and environment in Korea.

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Technology Transfer Services
[Pax Technology Transfer Ltd.] A leading technology transfer organization for finding high value and breakthrough technology opportunities for industrial companies, technology licensing, management and marketing, facilitating university technology transfer in exchange for equity, locating expert witnesses in patent and licensing litigation.

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