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2nd Window Bio Online
A leading web resource for the life sciences, Bio Online also features a store, career center, corporate profiles, and events.
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2nd Window BIOVIEW.COM
[BioView] BioView is a comprehensive biotechnology/pharmaceutical employment site with thousands of job listings in all disciplines, including research, development, regulatory affairs, clinical research, quality assurance/quality control, validation, and manufacturing/production. The site also contains a fully-searchable resume database where candidates can place their resumes for review by industry professionals, a BioJob Search Agent, career resources and links, company information and daily industry news delivered directly to your desktop.
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2nd Window Careers for Biology Majors
[Biology Department, Furman Univ.] An alphabetical listing of specific career descriptions for biology majors.
[more info][11428]

2nd Window Careers in Biology
[The Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology] General career information for a variety of interests and careers in biology.
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2nd Window Careers in Biotechnology
[Iowa State Univ.] Biotechnology Information Series. This web page talks about Biotechnology.
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2nd Window Future Employment Trends in Biotechnology
[CorpTech] A listing of reports on the future of various biotechnology product groups.
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2nd Window Guide to Outdoor/Environmental Careers
[Princeton Univ.] An outdoor action guide to outdoor/environmental careers that include job newletters, environmental job leads, basic job questionnaires, and graduate programs in environmental education.
[more info][11433]

2nd Window Pharma-i.com
[SMi Group] "Pharma-i.com is a business-to-business vertical market portal, and is the only way to keep up with the rapid pace of change within Pharmaceuticals. Pharma-i.com is the ultimate resource for online Pharmaceuticals news, research and market information, and supports business-to-business services by uniting buyers and sellers and enabling online transactions."
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2nd Window scijobs.org
scijobs.org is a free resource for scientists seeking jobs in biology, chemistry, and other science fields. They offer job searching by company type, region, degree, and keyword, as well as e-mail alerting of jobs, and a resume submission area. They index jobs from academia, industry, and government, with a special emphasis on nontraditional science careers.
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2nd Window Virtual Career Center for Scientists
[Univ. of California-San Francisco] A page with links to on-line career information.
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