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2nd Window AminoXpress
[Legend Microsystems, Inc.] This site for biochemists provides access to the AminoXpress software and the companion internet resources at AminoXpress.com. The AminoXpress software is a 12 module multifunction package that allows users to perform analyses from calculation of molecular weight to prediction of mass distribution of a combinatorial library. AminoXpress.com is set up for user contributions of general information, job postings, resumes, and more.
[more info][11255]

2nd Window Bio Online
A leading web resource for the life sciences, Bio Online also features a store, career center, corporate profiles, and events.
[more info][12505]

2nd Window BioJobSource
BioJobSource provides free biotech resources, and tools for biomedical and pharmaceutical job and career candidates. Site offerings include job listings and resume posting resources, resumes and CV models, job search preparation articles, and career publications.
[more info][11316]

2nd Window Biolinks
Internet search engine designed by scientists for scientists. You can post your resume and look at job listings.
[more info][11533]

2nd Window Biology-Careers and Jobs
[Science & Engineering Library] The SEL provides access to general and subject-specific resources for assisting you in finding resources related to jobs and careers in the biological science field.
[more info][11976]

2nd Window BioSnail
BioSnail is an employment web site for the biotech, Pharmaceutical, Medical, and Information Technology fields. Candidates can post resumes and search Scientific job openings from companies worldwide. Recruiters and Companies can post job openings to attract qualified candidates. Job seekers can get career advise and determine industry salaries for their particular fields.
[more info][14047]

2nd Window BioSpace Career Center
[BioSpace.com] A source for employment opportunities and career resources in the bioscience industry; listing biotechnology and pharmaceutical jobs by company, region, and category.
[more info][11449]

2nd Window CareerCity
[Adams Media] A very extensive site dealing with jobs available in all professions, including biotechnology. It contains a job search database and resume posting.
[more info][11453]

2nd Window CareerMart: Advise Center
[CareerMart, Inc.] Contains information on employment advice, high-tech careers, market research, and information on fast growing occupations.
[more info][11417]

2nd Window CareerShop
[CareerShop.com, Inc.] Find high tech jobs matching your qualifications and interest. Also includes resume posting.
[more info][11522]

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2nd Window employMAX.com
[employMAX.com, Inc.] With employMAX you can search over 287,000 resumes and identify candidates in seconds. Post your resume free of charge.
[more info][11535]

2nd Window HireBio
The hireBio website is a free career service for employees and employers in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. "hireBio" supplies tools for pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms to locate, communicate with, train, and evaluate qualified professionals.
[more info][12647]

2nd Window JobOptions
[JobOptions, LLC] Job database, private resume builder, and recruitment resources.
[more info][11514]

2nd Window Jobscience
[Jobscience, Inc.] A free tool for job seekers to view jobs, post resumes, join discussions, and read articles and tips for a job search in biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical device, or diagnostics.
[more info][11515]

2nd Window Medzilla
[MedZilla, Inc.] From the company "MedZilla--A great place to find jobs in Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Science, Medicine, and Healthcare. Exclusively for outstanding candidates and professionals. Online since 1994, MedZilla established the new chemistry of matching the right job with the right candidate."
[more info][11518]

2nd Window Resume-Network
[Resucom] An electronic resume distribution service for job seekers.
[more info][11536]

2nd Window Scientific American Careers
This is a free job search service for all positions in the science and technology industry. The occupation levels range from administrative assistants to researchers and chairs. A wide range of career types to include government, industrial and academia.
[more info][10117]

2nd Window SciWeb
[SciWeb, Inc.] A large comprehensive web site with biotechnology and biomedical information, research protocols, career and job resources, meeting announcements, and more.
[more info][12502]


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