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2nd Window Abbott Laboratories

[more info][12901]

2nd Window Advanced Biosensor Technology

[more info][12902]

2nd Window Advanced ChemTech, Inc.

[more info][12903]

2nd Window Affymetrix

[more info][12904]

2nd Window Allergan

[more info][12906]

2nd Window ALZA Corporation

[more info][12907]

2nd Window American Type Culture Collection
From abalone to zebrafish, ATCC has a widerange of materials useful for aquatic animalresearch.
[more info][12908]

2nd Window Amgen

[more info][12909]

2nd Window Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

[more info][12910]

2nd Window BD PharMingen

[more info][12961]

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2nd Window BioRad

[more info][12915]

2nd Window Cedra Corporation

[more info][12917]

2nd Window Cell Genesys

[more info][12918]

2nd Window CLONTECH

[more info][12922]

2nd Window The Collaborative Group, Ltd.
The Collaborative Group provides innovative products and services to the cosmetic, personal care, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries.
[more info][13649]

2nd Window CuraGen Corporation

[more info][12924]

2nd Window Dako USA

[more info][12925]

2nd Window EPIX Medical

[more info][12928]

2nd Window The European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL)

[more info][12927]

2nd Window Genentech

[more info][12929]

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2nd Window GlaxoSmithKline

[more info][12976]

2nd Window Human Genome Sciences

[more info][12931]

2nd Window Immune Response Corporation

[more info][12933]

2nd Window Immunex

[more info][12934]

2nd Window Inhale Therapeutic Systems

[more info][12935]

2nd Window Integra LifeSciences Corporation

[more info][12936]

2nd Window Introgen Therapeutics, Inc.

[more info][12938]

2nd Window Invitrogen
Invitrogen is a leading provider of innovative gene cloning and expressionsystems, the tools biotechnology researchers use to unravel the operationsof a genome. The company develops, manufactures and sells technologiesand products for molecular and cellular biology research and drug discovery.
[more info][12939]

2nd Window Kendle
Kendle International Inc. is a globalprovider of clinical development,regulatory/validation consulting andmedical communications services to thepharmaceutical and biotechnologyindustries.
[more info][12940]

2nd Window Large Scale Biology
Large Scale Biology Corporation (LSBC) is one of world’s leadingcompanies dedicated to the discovery, analysis, manufactureand commercialization of proteins ? the molecules at thebusiness end of biology.
[more info][12916]

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2nd Window Lee Laboratories

[more info][12942]

2nd Window Life Sciences Consortium

[more info][12943]

2nd Window Life Span BioSciences, Inc.
LifeSpan BioSciences is seeking talented individuals with strongbackgrounds in genomics, bioinformatics, proteomics,and pathology.
[more info][12944]

2nd Window MedImmune, Inc.
Since our founding in 1988, MedImmune has been focused on using biotechnology to produce innovativeproducts to impact patient health.
[more info][12946]

2nd Window Molecular Dynamics

[more info][12949]

2nd Window Monsanto

[more info][12950]

2nd Window Myriad Genetics, Inc.

[more info][12952]

2nd Window National Center for Genome Resources

[more info][12953]

2nd Window National Diagnostics

[more info][12954]

2nd Window National Institutes of Health

[more info][12955]

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2nd Window Novagen
Novagen sells products for life science research.
[more info][13533]

2nd Window NSF International

[more info][12957]

2nd Window Organogenesis

[more info][12958]

2nd Window Peninsula Laboratories, Inc.

[more info][12959]

2nd Window Perkin-Elmer

[more info][12960]

2nd Window Pfizer

[more info][12962]

2nd Window Procter and Gamble

[more info][12965]

2nd Window Promega Corporation

[more info][12966]

2nd Window Qiagen

[more info][12967]

2nd Window Research Triangle Institute

[more info][12969]

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2nd Window Roche Bioscience

[more info][12970]

2nd Window Rockland, Inc.

[more info][12971]

2nd Window Rosetta Inpharmatics
[Merck] (Rosetta) Rosetta Inpharmatics, a wholly owned subsidiary of Merck & Co. Inc., develops and implements technologies that willimprove the way drugs are made. The company?s leading-edge genomic research and data analysis focus on how medicalcompounds affect biology, enabling more accurate selection of drug targets, faster drug development and better drugs.
[more info][12972]

2nd Window Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc.

[more info][12973]