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[Aerotek, Inc.] A professional staffing firm for a range of specialized services, including scientific staffing.

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Besen Associates
Executive recruiting specialists for the pharmaceutical, OTC, and biotechnology industries. Contains career opportunities and job openings for M.D.’s, Ph.D.’s, chemists, biochemical, and human resources.

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[BIOLEADER, LLC.] Provides professional retained and contingent recruitment and consulting services for the biopharmaceutical industry.

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BioSnail is an employment web site for the biotech, Pharmaceutical, Medical, and Information Technology fields. Candidates can post resumes and search Scientific job openings from companies worldwide. Recruiters and Companies can post job openings to attract qualified candidates. Job seekers can get career advise and determine industry salaries for their particular fields.

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BioSource Jobs
[BioSource Technical Service] A resource for career development whether you are searching for career advancement, looking for a career change, or if you are a recent graduate. BioSource is seeking individuals in the areas of microbiology, biochemistry, and physiology.

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Cahill & Associates
A placement firm focusing on software engineering placement, with an emphasis on biotechnology.

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Courtright & Associates, Inc.
An executive recruiting firm for general and technical management positions for the biotechnology industry.

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ESU Career Services
[Emporia State Univ.] A generic listing on career services provided by ESU which includes career development; a Business, Industry and Government vacancy bulletin; cooperative education; and placement services and internet career/employment resources.

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Future Bio Jobs
Search and apply for jobs offered by various life science companies and recruiters. We specialize in the biotechnology jobs of tomorrow including: Genomics, Bioinformatics, Proteomics, Microfluidics, BioMEMs and Nanotechnology. Postings of academic Postdoc positions are free of

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The hireBio website is a free career service for employees and employers in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. “hireBio” supplies tools for pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms to locate, communicate with, train, and evaluate qualified professionals.

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Iona Partners
[Iona Partners, LLC] An executive search firm serving the biotechnology, finance, and semiconductor industries.

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JobWatch is a service offered by CenterWatch, a publishing and
information services company focusing on the clinical research industry. JobWatch offers listings of career and educational opportunities within the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. JobWatch also has a monthly job e-mail notification, executive recruiter profiles, a monthly print publication and a free resume posting service.

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Med Exec International
An agency specializing in filling positions in the clinical research, medical affairs, regulatory affairs, quality, and engineering departments of many pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology diagnostic, and biological clients.

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[Management Recruiters of Charleston, SC] Search and recruiting staffing specialists, specializing in information technology and the insurance, chemical, and medical industries.

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[Management Recruiters of Emeryville, CA] Staffing specialists for the bio-pharmaceutical industry.

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[Management Recruiters of Vancouver, WA] Recruiting firm specializing in the pharmaceutical, medical, biotech, and medical research industries.

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[National Search Associates] A search firm that provides executive search and recruitment services on a local, regional, and national level in the areas of biotechnology/pharmaceuticals, software development, medical devices, and telecommunications.

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On Assignment
[On Assignment, Inc.] A leader in placing professionals on both short and long term assignments.

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Pharmaceutical Careers
[Results International, Inc.] A recruiting firm for careers in the pharmaceutical industry, focusing on experienced professionals, or professionals with advanced academic experience.

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Placemart Personnel Service
[] Placemart specializes in identifying and recruiting qualified scientists and health care professionals for positions in pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotechnology research and development.

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Placement for Geniuses
[Engineering Solutions, Intl.] Specializes in placing cutting edge Optic/Fiber Optic, Biotech/informatics, Telecom/Network and Chem/Chemical Engineers, Physicists, and Chemists, and Scientific R&D Geniuses in general.

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Recruiters Online Network
[Recruiters OnLine Network, Inc.] An executive search firm providing job seekers a free job search and resume posting along with a searchable online database of recruiters worldwide.

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[Sales Consultants of San Francisco] An executive search firm specializing in executive recruitment of sales, marketing, and technical professionals in industries such as: chemical, biotech, healthcare, medical, and information technology.

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Scientific Placement, Inc.
A high technology recruitment firm with no geographical bias and a client base covering the entire spectrum of the computer industry.

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[Searchforce, Inc.] An agency specializing in the placement of scientific and engineering professionals for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostic, healthcare, and related industries.

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Specialized Recruiting
[Specialized Recruiting, Inc.] An executive search firm for the pharmaceutical/biotech industries that specialize in the areas of clinical reasearch, clinical data management, biostatics, and clinical systems.

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[Sanford Rose Associates] Sanford Rose Associates – Laguna Beach specializes in finding, recruiting, and placing Information Technology and Biotechnology professionals throughout the United States, with a focus on California.

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Waldron & Company
A career transition and professional development firm providing outplacement services, executive and management coaching, and employability training to our corporate clients.

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Weber & Company
Executive Search & Recruitment firm specializing in the Biotech, Medical Devices and Pharmaceutical industries. We work with some of the largest manufacturers in the world.

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