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Alternative Careers in Biosciences
[Cellular and Molecular Biology Group at Yale] Resources for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows who may be interested in pursuing careers that differ from the traditional routes of academic or industrial research.

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BioOnline Career Center
[BioOnline] A comprehensive online career center offering a job search, a career guide, a career forum, and job seeking tools.

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BioSpace Career Center
[] A source for employment opportunities and career resources in the bioscience industry; listing biotechnology and pharmaceutical jobs by company, region, and category.

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The Biotechnology and Business Association
[Univ. of California, San Diego] A student organization devoted to exploring career opportunities in the biotechnology industry. It is particularly concerned with providing information about alternatives to laboratory research.

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Careers for Biology Majors
[Biology Department, Furman Univ.] An alphabetical listing of specific career descriptions for biology majors.

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Careers in Biology
[The Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology] General career information for a variety of interests and careers in biology.

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Careers in Biomedical Research
[BioRAP] An index of information for different careers in biomedical fields.

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Clinical Research Job-Site
[Job-Sites.Com] Job listings for people with backgrounds in clinical research in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical devices, and related industries.

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Future Employment Trends in Biotechnology
[CorpTech] A listing of reports on the future of various biotechnology product groups.

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Genetics Education Center
[Univ. of Kansas Medical Center] A site with links for educators focusing on human genetics.

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Health Related Careers
[Department of Life Sciences, Indiana State Univ.] A description of various career opportunities in the Health Sciences, which also includes a description of the job, salary information, training, and national contact(s).

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Job Exchange Online
[The Food and Drug Law Institute, Washington DC] A listing of job positions available to professionals in the field of food and drug law.

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Jobs for Biomedical Scientists
Listings of employment opportunities outside of the traditional research market in sectors as diverse as journalism, technology transfer, patent law, teaching, management consulting, and public policy.

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Occupational Outlook for Biological and Medical Scientists
[U.S Department of Labor] An occupational outlook handbook for biological and medical scientists.

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Online Career Resources for Bioscientists
[Cell & Molecular Biology Online] A web resources with information and tools for job seekers and resources and aids for ongoing career development.

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[Scientific Career Transitions Program] A non-profit program to help scientists, engineers, and other credentialed professionals to help themselves make a career transition and find appropriate work.

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Virtual Career Center for Scientists
[Univ. of California-San Francisco] A page with links to on-line career information.

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