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2nd Window 4Biotech
[, Inc.] 4Biotech is a general information resource with topics in biotech stocks, information and resources, and organizations.
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2nd Window Academic Info: Biotechnology
A listing of biotechnology resources including, agriculture, genetics, and genome projects.
[more info][13914]

2nd Window Access Excellence
[Genentech] Access Excellence is a resource for science educators that covers current events, media watch, issues and ethics and a career center. The Activities Exchange includes the Fellows collection and Activities-To-Go. Access Excellence also includes MentorNet, Online Projects, SciTalk, Science Seminars, AP Bio and Biotech Partnerships, a Teaching and Learning section, and a page about Science Education Reform.
[more info][10000]

2nd Window Actinomycetes-Streptomyces Internet Resource Center
[University of Minnesota] This resource center is designed to help communication and interaction between Actinomycete researchers in academia and industry.
[more info][10302]

2nd Window Agricultural Publications
Information and publications regarding all aspects and fields of agricultural research.
[more info][13905]

2nd Window Agriculture: A List of Websites
[The National Council For Science And The Environment] An extensive list of agricultural related websites.
[more info][13912]

2nd Window Agriculture Internet Resources
[Agriculture Network Information Center] A directory of agriculture-related internet resources.
[more info][13913]

2nd Window Agriweb Canada
[Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada] A directory of online resources in Canadian agriculture and agri-food.
[more info][13904]

2nd Window Antibody Resource Page
A list of links to educational resource pages about antibodies.
[more info][10303]

2nd Window Bibliographies and Resource Guides Related to Agricultural Biotechnology
[National Agricultural Library (NAL)] Bibliographies related to Agricultural Biotechnology and other resource guides.
[more info][13084]

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2nd Window Bio Databases
[Hellenic Association of Dermatology] A compilation of links to databases for biology, genetics, and microbiology.
[more info][11268]

2nd Window Bio Online
A leading web resource for the life sciences, Bio Online also features a store, career center, corporate profiles, and events.
[more info][12505]

2nd Window BioChemNet
A database of Biology and Chemistry related links. The links are divided into categories, some of which are Biotechnology, Biochemistry, general Biology, and Organic Chemistry. Each category is subdivided into informational sites and tutorials. The database also includes sites with relevant journals, lab safety, and careers.
[more info][10209]

2nd Window
The objective of is to provide a wealth of information pertaining to the areas of therapeutic and medical diagnostic products and processes. This portal contains the best sites on the web, corporate profiles, news, job, investor, and the most up-to-date information in this ever changing industry.
[more info][13894]

2nd Window BioExchange
Aggregate information resource for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical community, also providing e-commerce solutions, tools, timely information, comprehensive resources, and unique software offerings.
[more info][10815]

2nd Window Bioinformatics & Computational Biology
[Regents of the University of California] (CMS Molecular Biology Resource) A compendium of electronic and Internet-accessible tools and resources for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, including academics programs, and centers and institutions.
[more info][12149]

2nd Window Biology Overview
[U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF)] Extensive resource including research, publications, and information on available grants.
[more info][12530]

2nd Window Bioresearch Online
Bioresearch Online is a “professional community” that offers information about biotechnology products, careers and training, internet resources, and news.
[more info][12596]

2nd Window BioSpace
[] A broad site dealing with biotechnology, BioSpace has information on breaking biotech news, investing, companies, biotech communities, industry, and marketplace resources.
[more info][12506]

2nd Window BioTech
[Univ. of Texas] Biotechnology-related science and educational resource links.
[more info][10212]

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2nd Window BiotechFind is a directory of international links covering the fields of biotechnologies and includes a Biotechnology Career Center.
[more info][14100]

2nd Window Biotechnology
[James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA] (James Madison University Libraries) A guide to information resources. It includes hyperlinks to databases and Internet based resources as well as call numbers to important materials in JMU Libraries.
[more info][13067]

2nd Window Biotechnology Information Resource
[USDA National Agricultural Library] BIC provides access to a variety of information services and publications covering many aspects of agricultural biotechnology.
[more info][12488]

2nd Window Caenorhabditis elegans WWW Server
[The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center] This site compiles research data on the soil nematode C. elegans and has a link to the C. elegans genomic database called Wormbase.
[more info][12518]

2nd Window Center for Biotechnology
[Oak Ridge National Laboratory] Information contained at this site focuses specifically on biomedical, bioprocessing, and environmental technology to pursue applications of biotechnology resources that have been developed over the past 50 years.
[more info][12455]

2nd Window Chem
A database containing 22681 chemical manufacturers and 4,63,149 chemical products (as of 4-19-02) with b2b Chemical Exchange. This is a complete knowledge and business management tool for chemical industry.
[more info][10202]

2nd Window CMS Molecular Biology Resource
[Univ. of California] “A compendium of electronic and Internet-accessible tools and resources for Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Molecular Evolution, Biochemistry, and Biomolecular Modeling.”
[more info][11258]

2nd Window CMS Molecular Biology Resource
[San Diego Supercomputer Center] A compendium of electronic and Internet-accessible tools and resources for Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Molecular Evolution, Biochemistry, and Biomolecular Moldeling.
[more info][14030]

2nd Window Cornell Theory Center Math and Science Gateway
[Cornell Univ.] A site with links to vertebrate and invertebrate biology data as well as DNA, molecular biology, and modeling information.
[more info][10299]

2nd Window Gene Browser
[Nature Technology Corporation] A comprehensive site with links to information and resources in biotechnology and bioinformatics. The large number of resource categories include academic sites, conferences, employment, genomics, proteins, grants & contracts, intellectual property, methods & protocols, software, and venture capital.
[more info][12522]

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2nd Window Gesellschaft fur Biotechnologische Forschung mbH
A German biotech center. This site contains information on their research in microbiology, natural products, cell and immune biology, molecular biotechnology, biochemical engineering, and structure research.
[more info][12521]

2nd Window International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry
[IUPAC] A database of the standards and recommendations for naming and measuring in chemistry. This site contains the joint recommendations of IUPAC and IUBMB (International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) for naming biological molecules such as amino acids, peptides, carbohydrates, etc.
[more info][10309]

2nd Window Internet Resources-Genetics and Molecular Biology
[Rochefeller University] Alphabetized links to genetics and molecular biology resources.
[more info][12526]

2nd Window ISB
[Information Systems for Biotechnology] Provides electronic resources and tools for agricultural and environmental biotechnology research, product development, regulatory issues, and biosafety.
[more info][11759]

2nd Window Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes
[GenomeNet] “KEGG is an effort to computerize current knowledge of molecular and cellular biology in terms of the information pathways that consist of interacting molecules or genes and to provide links from the genecatalogs produced by genome sequencing projects.”
[more info][12009]

2nd Window LabVelocity
A comprehensive site with a compilation of information and tools for the biological scientist and laboratory. The site sections include products, protocols, tools & tables, literature, news, and a lab manager tool for managing personalized data.
[more info][10242]

2nd Window LearnWell
This is a site of short health courses containing relevant links.
[more info][10037]

2nd Window The Life Sciences Knowledge Center
[Monsanto] A database of news items, technical reports, fact sheets, speeches, and other documents related to food biotechnology. Documents are available in many languages with information on certain countries and regions.
[more info][13086]

2nd Window Molecular Biology Gateway
[Horizon Scientific Press] A collection of links including journals, Internet for the molecular biologist, software sites, newsgroups, genomes and databases, institutes and organizations, and commercial sites.
[more info][12528]

2nd Window Molecular Biology Information and Tutorials
[The Weizmann Institute of Science] List of links to information and tutorials on molecular biology and molecular databases on the Internet.
[more info][10069]

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2nd Window Molecular Biology Jump Station
[Molecular Biology Today] A collection of resource links for molecular biology and chemistry.
[more info][12529]

2nd Window Molecular Docking Web
[Home page of Dr. Garrett M. Morris] Ligand-protein docking, with access to AutoDock program, important for drug design. Many links for ligands, protein structure, drug design, computational chemistry, bioinformatics.
[more info][13720]

2nd Window National Library of Medicine
[NLM] Includes health and medical information, databases, electronic information, NLM publications, and grant information.
[more info][13072]

2nd Window Pedro’s BioMolecular Research Tools
[Iowa State University] (Pedro Coutino) “A collection of WWW links to information and services useful to molecular biologists.” Links are annotated and rated. The site has not been modified since 3/15/96.
[more info][12531]

2nd Window Photosynthesis and the WWW
[University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign ] An informative article that presents the best sites on the WWW with information on photosynthesis.
[more info][11157]

2nd Window SciWeb
[SciWeb, Inc.] A large comprehensive web site with biotechnology and biomedical information, research protocols, career and job resources, meeting announcements, and more.
[more info][12502]

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