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Anderson Lab In Situ Hybridization Protocols
[David Anderson Lab, California Institute of Technology] Protocols for non-radioactive methods of in situ hybridization.

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Carthew Lab Manual
[University of Pittsburg] A repository of protocols for the fruit fly .

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Cell Biology Laboratory Manual
[Gustavus Adolphus College] An assortment of cell biology laboratory techniques and procedures for the undergraduate level.

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[Decodon] Analyze protein 2-dimensional gels. Compare protein spots on two gels with image analysis techniques. Download free demo version or purchase full program.

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DNA Purification for Transgenic Microinjection
[Transgenic Mouse Core Facility] (Univ. of Virginia Health Sciences Center) A protocol for DNA purification for transgenic microinjection.

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Genetics Protocols
[Genome Sequencing Center] A large list of protocols relating to genetics are found in the table of contents.

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Molecular Biology Protocols
[Microbial Pathogens Lab] A collection of laboratory protocols for different molecular biology procedures.

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Molecular Biology Techniques Manual
[University of Cape Town] Protocols for molecular biology techniques including SDS PAGE, western blotting, and PCR.

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NIEHS Trainees Assembly
[NIH] The NIEHS Trainees Assembly (NTA) is a grassroots organization started by fellows and graduate students
at the NIEHS in order to foster the professional development of its trainees. The membership, as well as the
Steering Committee, is comprised of all non-tenured/non-tenure track, non-permanent scientists training at
the institute. Due to the diversity of scientists in training at the NIEHS and the broad range of training needs,
the NTA organizes and sponsors a variety of activities. An important goal of the NTA is to make sure that you
are aware of all of these events. The NTA maintains a bulletin board located in the C Mall Area (across from
the mailroom) and a website which provides information about the current activities organized by the NTA.

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[The Resource Collection in Biomedicine and Molecular Biology] (Christian Gotting) PCR protocols, applications, detection of mutations and viruses by polymerase chain reaction, primer design, etc.

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Pedro’s BioMolecular Research Tools
[Iowa State University] (Pedro Coutino) “A collection of WWW links to information and services useful to molecular biologists.” Links are annotated and rated. The site has not been modified since 3/15/96.

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Production Sequencing Protocols
[Stanford DNA Sequence & Technology Center] A listing of production sequencing protocols used at the Stanford DNA Sequence & Technology Center.

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Protocol Quick Access Table
[Protocols Online] Comprehensive collection of protocols in the fields of molecular biology, cell biology, and immunology.

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Protocols for recombinant DNA isolation, cloning and sequencing
[University of Oklahoma] A compilation of many of the everyday methods used in the average molecular biology laboratory, with emphasis on the techniques for large scale DNA sequencing protocols and DNA sequencing automation techniques.

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Protocols from the Crawford Laboratory
[University of Missouri-Kansas City] A listing of protocols from the Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Division of the School of Biological Sciences at The University of Missouri-Kansas City.

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stke: Signal Transduction Knowledge Environment
[Science journal, Stanford University library] Web resource for biological (cellular) signal transduction, emphasizing articles, news, meetings, and links.

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Technique and Protocol Bank
[The Microinjection Workshop] A collection of protocols for pronuclear microinjection, ES cell injection/culture, genotyping, and surgical techniques.

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