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2nd Window Air Force Center for Environmental Excellence
[US Air Force] (AFCEE) This center provides information in the areas of environmental restoration, environmental conservation and planning, environmental quality, design and construction, public affairs, and environmental contracting.
[more info][13044]

2nd Window Center for Hazardous Waste Remediation Research
[University of Idaho] The ultimate goal of Center research is the cleanup of contaminated soils, surface waters, and groundwater. Specific aims are to characterize contaminated sites, develop novel technologies for hazardous waste remediation, and apply them in the field.
[more info][12509]

2nd Window Dugway Proving Ground
[US Army] The purpose of this facility is to test chemical and biological defenses and survivability, test smoke, obscurants, illunination systems, and test new technology for characterization and remediation.
[more info][13041]

2nd Window Environmental Laboratory
[US Army Corps of Engineers] This laboratory conducts research on aquatic plant control, environmental research, ecosystem management, environmental quality management, installation restoration, wetlands, and zebra mussels.
[more info][13046]

2nd Window Environmental Quality Science and Technology
[US Navy] This site contains information on environmental science and quality, ecological risk assessment and restoration, sediment assessment and remediation technology, environmental instrument development, and environmentally compatible materials.
[more info][13047]

2nd Window Environmental Restoration
[US Air Force] Contents of this site include information on environmental analytical protocols, background concentrations, hydrogeologic model description and selection, and remediation technologies. Documents can be downloaded and viewed through MS-Word/PowerPoint or Adobe Acrobat Reader.
[more info][13048]

2nd Window In-Situ Capping of Contaminated Sediments
[HSRC] This is a tutorial that goes over the fundamentals of in-situ capping, used for bio-remediation.
[more info][10096]

2nd Window Naval Facilities Engineering Service Center: Environmental Services
[US Navy] The purpose of this center is to participate in pollution prevention problems, environmental compliance, and cleanup by conducting research in these areas.
[more info][13051]

2nd Window Phytoremediation Research
[US Army Corps of Engineers] This research is based on the concern of the environment of explosives, metals, and organic solvents in soil and groundwater. Phytoremediation uses the relationship of plants, microorganisms, water, and soil to help transform contaminants to neutral compounds.
[more info][13052]


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