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2nd Window The Center for Isotope Geoscience
[University of Florida] "An interdisciplinary center dedicated to the improvement of analytical techniques for measuring isotopic variations in natural and man-made materials."
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2nd Window Geochemical & Environmental Research Group
[Texas A & M University] (GERG) A center of applied geoscience within the College of Geosciences at Texas A&M University. It is compromised of three groups: Environmental sciences, Resource geosciences, and Ocean sciences.
[more info][13851]

2nd Window Geochemical Earth Reference Model
(GERM) "A grass-roots effort to establish a consensus within the geosciences community on the chemical characterization of the Earth, its major reservoirs, and the fluxes between them."
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2nd Window Geochemistry on the World Wide Web
A selection of geochemistry-related World Wide Web links. Topics included are professional societies, journals, and analytical standards.
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