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2nd Window Caenorhabditis elegans WWW Server
[The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center] This site compiles research data on the soil nematode C. elegans and has a link to the C. elegans genomic database called Wormbase.
[more info][12518]

2nd Window Cdc42 & Cell Cycle Control
[Jeff Robens] (geocities.com) This page covers some of the basic aspects of Cdc42, including regulation, downstream effectors, and its biological role in cell cycle control.
[more info][10162]

2nd Window Cell Biology Laboratory Manual
[Gustavus Adolphus College] An assortment of cell biology laboratory techniques and procedures for the undergraduate level.
[more info][10305]

2nd Window Cell City
[The Institute of Food Research and the John Innes Centre] This site is a site used to aid in the understanding of Cellular Biology. It is made useful for the K-12 level by using understandable comparisons of the cell parts to activities in everyday life.
[more info][10157]

2nd Window The Cell Nucleus
[Univ. of Texas] A tour of the nucleus of a cell and a test of your knowledge of nuclear functions.
[more info][10047]

2nd Window Cell-Biology
[Altruis Network] Informational site on cellular biology, including the history, the cell membrance, and cytoplasm.
[more info][14028]

2nd Window Center for Advanced Biotechnology and Medicine
[University of Rutgers, and University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey] This is a center with research focused on structural biology, cell and developmental biology, and molecular genetics. The site contains information about the center and its research programs, faculties and sponsors.
[more info][12500]

2nd Window CLDB: Cell Line Data Base
[Interlab Project, Italy] Contains detailed information on 3258 human and animal cell lines that are available in many Italian laboratories and in some of the most important European cell banks and cell culture collections.
[more info][12558]

2nd Window Developmental Biology Online
[Univ. of Guelph] Online supplemental learning material for Developmental Biology.
[more info][10086]

2nd Window The Dictionary of Cell Biology
[Universities of Glasgow] A searchable dictionary of 5772 cross-refereneced Cell Biology terms. The site also has a graphical interface that helps users find terms in the dictionary by subject area.
[more info][10306]

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2nd Window Introduction to the Study of Cell Biology
[Wiley Publishing] An online textbook divided into 18 chapters focusing on the study of cell biology. Chapters are divided by subject and contain internet links.
[more info][11913]

2nd Window Mitochondrial DNA
[Columbia Univ.] A page discussing the current research on mitochondrial diseases.
[more info][10166]

2nd Window Presentations in Protein Explorer
[University of Massachusetts] Two tutorials on protein and virus structure and function using Protein Explorer.
[more info][12339]

2nd Window The WWW Cell Biology Course
[U. of Minnesota] A short online course/text for learning cell biology. The information covers the basics of cell biology and has great art and graphics. The site does not contain review questions or any other knowledge testing tools.
[more info][10042]


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