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2nd Window Arabinet
[Harvard University] A list of Arabidopsis informatics and stock centers, maps and genetic links, and physical maps with graphics.
[more info][12554]

2nd Window Catalog of North American Gymnosperms
[The New York Botanical Garden] A catalog of gymnosperms from North America north of Mexico, including Greenland, Canada, and the United States.
[more info][13969]

2nd Window Directory of Herbs
[Pennsylvania State University] Detailed information about multiple herb plants.
[more info][13826]

2nd Window Fast Plants
[Univ.of Wisconsin-Madison] Information about Fast Plants for laboratory and classroom use. Fast Plants are a rapid-cycling form of the species Brassica rapa. Characteristics of Fast Plants include rapid growth (seed to seed in 35-40 days), uniform flowering size, no seed dormancy period, and rapid response to environmental conditions.
[more info][10141]

2nd Window Ornamental Plants
[Michigan State University] Detailed descriptions of numerous ornamental plants such as trees, shrubs, vines, house plants, and many others.
[more info][13821]

2nd Window Parasitic Plants Database
A database providing an exhaustive nomenclatural synopsis of all parasitic plants.
[more info][13970]

2nd Window Photosynthesis
An informational site on photosynthesis, including light and dark reactions and the stages of photosynthesis. Also included are learning objectives, terms, and review questions.
[more info][13962]

2nd Window Photosynthesis and the WWW
[University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign ] An informative article that presents the best sites on the WWW with information on photosynthesis.
[more info][11157]

2nd Window Pruning Ornamental Plants in the Landscape.
[The University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences] Guidelines for proper pruning to help assure healthy vigorous plants and lasting landscape beauty.
[more info][13824]

2nd Window Soil Preparation and Planting Procedure for Ornamental Plants
[The University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences] Step-by-step guidelines and information for planting success.
[more info][13822]

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2nd Window Wild and Garden Flowers
Descriptions and photographs of various wild and garden flowers.
[more info][13825]


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