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2nd Window BRITE
[Kyoto University] This database includes information on Cell Cycle Controlling Pathways and Early Development Controlling Pathways.
[more info][12594]

2nd Window Cell Signaling Networks Database
[National Institute of Health Sciences, Japan] CSNDB "is a data- and knowledge- base for signaling pathways of human cells. It compiles the information on biological molecules, sequences, structures, functions, and biological reactions which transfer the cellular signals."
[more info][12096]

2nd Window SPAD: Signaling PAthway Database
[Kyushu University] An integrated database for genetic information and signal transduction systems.
[more info][12572]

2nd Window stke: Signal Transduction Knowledge Environment
[Science journal, Stanford University library] Web resource for biological (cellular) signal transduction, emphasizing articles, news, meetings, and links.
[more info][13718]


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