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Ag Biosafety
[Agriculture & Biotechnology Strategies Inc. and Univ. of Nebraska] Web site featuring lesson plans for teachers; basic biotechnology information for consumers; summaries of various biotechnology issues, such as allergenicity, safety, monarch butterflies, and etc.; a frequently asked questions section; and a comprehensive database of research and safety information on all genetically engineered crops currently on the market in North America.

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Animal Cloning
[AbBiotechNet] Animal cloning news items from AgBiotechNet that describe the technical progress in cloning and the growth of moral and commerical issues.

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Animal Cloning
(Sean Patrick Ryan) An oral write up discussing the many controversies of cloning.

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Animal Pharming: The Industrialization of Transgenic Animals
[Centers for Epidemiology and Animal Health] Informational site on animal pharming and transgenic animals.

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Biotech — Boom Or Bust
(Michael Gough) An informational article on biotechnology and the biotechnology process.

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Cloning Animals and Humans
An ethical perspective surrounding the issues related to cloning

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Down on the Pharm: Cloning, Designer Animals, and Biofactories
[Educators for Animal Rights] Pharming from the perspective of the Educators for Animal Rights.

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For Human Cloning…
(Mat Moule) A discussion about the main arguments surrounding human cloning.

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Genetic engineering: Animal welfare and
[Boyd Group] A discussion paper from the Boyd Group on genetic engineering in animals and the use of animals in science.

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Pharmaceutical Production from Transgenic Animals
(Biotechnology Information Series) An article about “pharming”, i.e., the production of pharmaceuticals from transgenic animals.

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