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Biosciences and Biotechnology at LLNL
[Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL)] “Working with academia, industry, and government, we leverage the laboratory’s capabilities in the physical and engineering sciences to conduct biosciences and biotechnology research of national importance.” This site contains information about LLNL’s bioscience research which includes three main areas: genomics, disease susceptibility and prevention, and healthcare and medical device technology.

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Center for Advanced Biotechnology and Medicine
[University of Rutgers, and University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey] This is a center with research focused on structural biology, cell and developmental biology, and molecular genetics. The site contains information about the center and its research programs, faculties and sponsors.

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Centre for Molecular and Biomolecular Informatics
[Univ. of Nijmegen] Information on multiple bioinformatics related services, research, and program courses at this center.

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DOE Biological and Environmental Research Program
[U.S. Department of Energy] “The Life Sciences Division manages a diverse portfolio of research to develop fundamental biological information and to advance technology in support of DOE’s missions in biology, medicine, and the environment.” Research information on this site includes the areas of the human genome, ELSI research, structural biology, model organisms, microbial genomes, and low dose radiation research.

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Laboratory for the Structure of Matter
[US Navy] (Naval Research Laboratory) Research activities for this laboratory include macromolecular structure, neuropeptide structure, structure of energetic materials, telerobotic control, and small molecule crystallography.

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Molecular Level
[University of Southern Maine] An outreach and consulting program that provides workshops and other training in molecular graphics.

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Structural Biology Industrial Platform
The platform is comprised of fifteen companies, including representatives of some of Europe’s largest pharmaceutical industries, as well as the European Commission and Research Centres in Europe, in efforts to promote structural biology research, training, and development.

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Structural Biology of Bacterial Toxins
[Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)] The purpose of this project is to develop structural mimics to prevent pathogenesis of toxin superantigens and AB5 toxins from binding to their host cells, which is important in biological warfare and serious natural diseases.

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