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2nd Window Fungal Genetics Newsletter
[University of Kansas Medical Center Department of Microbiology] A newsletter published annually in the late summer providing information on various topics in fungal genetics.
[more info][12775]

2nd Window Fungi
This site provides details about the uses of fungi, including the specific methods to distinguish edible and poisonous fungi.
[more info][13899]

2nd Window Kingdom Fungi
The characteristic features of the divisions of the kingdom fungi are described in detail through an interactive phylogenetic tree.
[more info][13902]

2nd Window Molecular and Genetic Studies of Interactions between Plants and Fungi
The effects of toxins, phytoalexins, hypersensitivity, and resistance between plant and fungi interactions.
[more info][13900]

2nd Window Phycological Society of America
The Phycological Society of America (PSA) is a scientific organization that promotes phycology, the study of algae, and fosters phycological research and education.
[more info][12513]

2nd Window WWW Virtual Library: Yeast
[Virtual Library] Describes the yeast model organisms: Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Schizosaccharomyces pombe, and Candida albicans.
[more info][12624]


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