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AgBioForum publishes articles that enhance the on-going dialogue on the economics and management of
agricultural biotechnology. The purpose of AgBioForum is to provide unbiased, timely information and new ideas leading to socially responsible and economically efficient decisions in science, public policy, and private strategies pertaining to agricultural biotechnology.

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[National Agricultural Library (NAL)] (AGRICultural OnLine Access) A readable database of bibliographic records created by the National Agricultural Library and its cooperators.

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Agricultural Information
[NCSU Cooperative Extension] Agricultural information divided into the following categories: livestock & poultry, forages, field crops, commercial and urban horticulture, and other agriculture sites.

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Agricultural Publications
Information and publications regarding all aspects and fields of agricultural research.

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Agriculture & Biotechnology
[Union of Concerned Scientists] This site provides extensive information on the use of biotechnology and genetic engineering in agriculture. Included is an overview of biotechnology, genetic engineering, and genetic engineering techniques. The site also discusses the advantages and benefits of genetic engineering, and those agricultural products brought about through genetic engineering techniques.

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Agriculture: A List of Websites
[The National Council For Science And The Environment] An extensive list of agricultural related websites.

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Agriculture Extensions Pulbications List
[University of Missouri] A listing of abstracts and completed journal articles and other publications. Some are available for fee while some are available for purchase.

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Agriculture Internet Resources
[Agriculture Network Information Center] A directory of agriculture-related internet resources.

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Agriculture Network Information Center
[AgNIC] Related databases, datasets, and information systems.

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Agriculture Research Service
[U.S. Department of Agriculture] Research conducted by this organization includes crop improvement, rangelands, animal production, irrigation, and drainage in order to address high national priorities in the environment and agriculture.

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Agriweb Canada
[Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada] A directory of online resources in Canadian agriculture and agri-food.

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Animal Agriculture Essential to Ensure Adequate Global Food Supply
[Council for Agricultural Science and Technology] (CAST) A CAST task force of 13 scientists discusses projected demand for human food and the importance of animal agriculture in meeting these needs.

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[ABSP] A quarterly newsletter of the Agricultural Biotechnology for Sustainable Productivity Project.

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Biotechnology & Ecology of Microbial Inoculants
[IMPACT] (National University of Ireland) IMPACT is a European Community of Biotechnology Programme with an overall objective “to study the molecular-ecological interactions of GMOs of commercial interest with indigenous species of the rhizosphere of key European food crops.”

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Biotechnology Information Resource
[USDA National Agricultural Library] BIC provides access to a variety of information services and publications covering many aspects of agricultural biotechnology.

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Biotechnology Outreach Program
[Univ. of California, Berkeley] This is a grouping of information designed to increase public understanding of biotechnology.

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Canadian Dairy Information Centre
(CDIC) The CDIC provides extensive information on the Canadian Dairy Industry, including dairy farming, milk volumes and prices, and the Canadian dairy trade. There are also links to other dairy sites and to world dairy facts.

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Center for Agricultural Bioinformatics System
[USDA-ARS] The CAB provides curation and delivery of agricultural genomic data and resources while fostering research and development of novel approaches in agricultural bioinformatics.

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Dairy Industry in India
[Indiaagronet] An overview of the dairy industry in India.

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The Economic Research Service
[USDA] (ERS) The Economic Research Service (ERS) is the main source of economic information and research from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The agricultural biotechnology briefing room is one of the lastest additions to our website.

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Forage Information System
[Oregon State Univ.] FIS provides links to peer-reviewed worldwide information related to forage crops and agriculture.

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Fungicides in Agriculute
An information source for the use of fungicides in agriculture

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Glossary of Biotechnology Terms
[Virginia Polytechnic Institute] A dictionary of Biotechnology terms.

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A searchable database that contains over 700 hydroponics store listings worldwide, InfoCart product information inquiry system, and an abundance of hydroponics articles and links.

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[Information Systems for Biotechnology] Provides electronic resources and tools for agricultural and environmental biotechnology research, product development, regulatory issues, and biosafety.

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New Jersey Department of Agriculture
Informative publications for farmers, consumers, the food industry, and general interest publications.

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Ornamental Plants
[Michigan State University] Detailed descriptions of numerous ornamental plants such as trees, shrubs, vines, house plants, and many others.

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Soil Preparation and Planting Procedure for Ornamental Plants
[The University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences] Step-by-step guidelines and information for planting success.

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Straight Talk about Biotechnology
[DuPont Biotechnology] Straight Talk about Biotechnology provides science-based information about agricultural biotechnology in an environment that encourages open discussion. The site includes a newsroom that is updated each day. Although Straight Talk is sponsored by DuPont, the site is educational, not commercial.

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USDA – National Agricultural Statistics Service
Information and publications on various topics including, crop weather, reports by commodity, graphs, and statistics.

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Weeds World
A newsletter focusing on Arabidopsis.

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