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2nd Window Arabinet
[Harvard University] A list of Arabidopsis informatics and stock centers, maps and genetic links, and physical maps with graphics.
[more info][12554]

2nd Window Horticulture Teaching Resources
[Ohio State Univ.] This site has a list of horticultural resources based on the biology, technology, history, and plants of horticulture with a searchable database of over one thousand images and horticultural descriptions for different species and numerous cultivars.
[more info][10245]

2nd Window Plant Molecular Genetics
[North Dakota State Univ.] A course covering plant molecular genetics topics, including the plant genome, cloning, transposons and genetic control of flowering.
[more info][10115]

2nd Window Probe
[USDA Plant Genome Research Program] A newsletter focusing on plant genomics.
[more info][12781]


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