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2nd Window Ag Biosafety
[Agriculture & Biotechnology Strategies Inc. and Univ. of Nebraska] Web site featuring lesson plans for teachers; basic biotechnology information for consumers; summaries of various biotechnology issues, such as allergenicity, safety, monarch butterflies, and etc.; a frequently asked questions section; and a comprehensive database of research and safety information on all genetically engineered crops currently on the market in North America.
[more info][13946]

2nd Window Agricultural Products Around the World
[Bartleby.com] (The World Factbook) A listing of agricultural products produced from countries around the world.
[more info][13921]

2nd Window Animal Pharming: The Industrialization of Transgenic Animals
[Centers for Epidemiology and Animal Health] Informational site on animal pharming and transgenic animals.
[more info][13958]

2nd Window Bt - Corn
[University of Kentucky Entomolgy] Information regarding the types, yield, the advantages, and the disadvantages of using bt-corn.
[more info][13846]

2nd Window Cotton Diseases
Information about the diseases which infect cotton plants. Additional information includes the symptoms caused and control measures.
[more info][13810]

2nd Window Cotton Seedling Diseases
[North Carolina State University, Plant Pathology Extension.] Information about seedling diseases, usually caused by soilborne fungi.
[more info][13811]

2nd Window Dried Fruits And Nuts
[University Of California, Davis] Recommendations for maintaining postharvest quality of dried fruits and nuts.
[more info][13820]

2nd Window Flax
[University of Wisconsin–Madison, And University of Minnesota.] A detailed description of the history, growth habits, environmental requirements, variety selection, pest and disease management, and yield potential of common flax.
[more info][13816]

2nd Window Fruits And Nuts
[University Of Hawaii, Manoa] This site offers a detailed description of the general crop information, insects, and other plant disease pathogens of various fruits and nuts.
[more info][13819]

2nd Window Genetic engineering: Animal welfare and
[Boyd Group] A discussion paper from the Boyd Group on genetic engineering in animals and the use of animals in science.
[more info][13957]

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2nd Window Genetically Engineered Crops - A Threat to Soil Fertility
[PSRAST] An on-line article written by various experts in soil biology and ecology, microbial ecology, virology, genetics, and agriculture.
[more info][13942]

2nd Window Horticulture Teaching Resources
[Ohio State Univ.] This site has a list of horticultural resources based on the biology, technology, history, and plants of horticulture with a searchable database of over one thousand images and horticultural descriptions for different species and numerous cultivars.
[more info][10245]

2nd Window Linen: Flax
The various uses of flax fiber for threads, linens, yarns, and oils.
[more info][13817]

2nd Window Managing Insects Attacking Corn
[Mississippi State University Extension Service] Information about both the above and below ground insects that may attack corn, often reducing crop yields. Additional information includes insecticide intervention and practical control measures.
[more info][13804]

2nd Window Morphology and growth of maize
[International Institute Of Tropical Agriculture] (IITA) A guide which enables the user to describe the maize plant and its importance, define the growth stages of maize, and describe the morphological features and functions of the maize plant through its various stages.
[more info][13803]

2nd Window National Centre for Biotechnology Education
[Univ. of Reading, UK] A site providing independent and authoritative information, training and resources for schools and colleges, industry, professional organizations and the general public.
[more info][10010]

2nd Window Nutrition And Quality Of Maize
[International Institute Of Tropical Agriculture] (IITA) A guide designed to discuss the importance of maize in human nutrition, explain its value as a source of essential nutrients, and describe the nutritional components of maize.
[more info][13805]

2nd Window Oryza Sativa
[University Of California, Davis] This webpage deals with the origin, history, roots, stems, leaves, inflorescence, and anatomy of the rice plant.
[more info][13796]

2nd Window Paddy Technology
This webpage deals with the botanical description, recommended cultivars, agroclimatic requirements, cultural practices,pest management, harvest,handling and economics of the rice plant.
[more info][13797]

2nd Window Pests Of Cotton
[North Carolina Cooperative Extension] Information about insects and pests that attack cotton including their description, preferred location of infestation, and control measures.
[more info][13809]

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2nd Window Pharmaceutical Production from Transgenic Animals
(Biotechnology Information Series) An article about "pharming", i.e., the production of pharmaceuticals from transgenic animals.
[more info][13954]

2nd Window Pharming
[Environmental Media Services] Informational page on pharming and genetically engineered animals and plants.
[more info][13953]

2nd Window The Rice Plant And How It Grows
[International Rice Research Institute] (IRRI) This webpage deals with the morphology,growth,pests and diseases of the rice plant.
[more info][13795]

2nd Window The Rye Plant
[Alberta Agriculture, Rural, And Food Development] A comprehensive web site designed with farmers in mind. Topics on the rye plant include: drying, storage, diseases, and marketing information.
[more info][13807]

2nd Window Sweet Corn Zea mays
( Zea mays ) Information about the Zea mays maize plant to include: its botanical descriptions, recommended cultivars, agroclimatic requirements, cultural practices, pest management, harvest, handling, and economics.
[more info][13802]

2nd Window Threats Posed by Genetically Engineered Organisms
An online article revealing the scientific findings of threats posed by genetically engineered organisms.
[more info][13944]

2nd Window Tomato pests
[North Carolina State University] Information about the various tomato pests and their areas of infestation.
[more info][13813]

2nd Window Tomato varieties
Information about the various tomato varieties and their description.
[more info][13815]

2nd Window The Tomato
[North Carolina State University] The botany, production practices, harvesting and postharvesting methods of the tomato plant.
[more info][13812]

2nd Window UC Pest Management Guidelines: Tomato
[University Of california] (State Wide Integrated Pest Management Project) A site with comprehensive information on the pests of tomatoes to include: diseases, insects and mites, nematodes, and weeds.
[more info][13814]

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2nd Window Utilization and processing of maize
[International Institute Of Tropical Agriculture] (IITA) A research guide designed to discuss the importance of maize utilization and processing to include: animal feed, human diets, and its industrial utilization.
[more info][13806]

2nd Window Wheat In The Developing World
[International Maize And Wheat Improvement Center] (CIMMYT) An article from research conducted through the wheat program at CIMMYT. The main focus of the article is wheat production constraints in developing countries.
[more info][13800]

2nd Window Wheat: Production, Marketing And Use
This website provides information on wheat varieties, production, its trasformation to useful products, and uses in the United States.
[more info][13801]

2nd Window Winter Wheat Production Manual
[University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada.] A manual dedicated to winter wheat production. Chapters include a wheat growers calendar, growth stages of wheat, weed control, and harvesting, grain drying, and storage.
[more info][13799]


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