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2nd Window Opens resource in a 2nd browser window.

2nd Window CLICKWAIS
[DNA Information and Stock Center] A keyword search service of DNA, protein data, the Protein Data Bank, and the PLAnt Cis-acting regulatory DNA Elements.
[more info][10353]

2nd Window eMOTIF SCAN
[Stanford Univ.] A protein sequence retrieval.
[more info][10485]

2nd Window Entrez
[National Center for Biotechnology Information] Provides a General search for nucleotide sequences, protein sequences, biomolecule 3D structures, genomes, taxonomy or literature.
[more info][10360]

2nd Window PhyloBLAST
[Pathogenomics Project, Univ. British Columbia] Do molecular phylogenetics analysis of a protein sequence. Enter the sequence at the site. PhyloBLAST uses BLASTP to find related amino acid sequences in the Swiss-Prot database. Select those sequences desired, for a full phylogenetic analysis, satrting with a ClustalW multiple sequence alignment. A choice of Phylip programs, including parsimony, UPGMA, neighbor joining and distance matrix methods, produces a phylogenetic tree.
[more info][13729]

2nd Window SRS: Sequence Retrieval System
[European Bioinformatics Institute] A network browser for databanks in molecular biology. Searches sequence libraries too numerous to list here.
[more info][10372]


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