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2nd Window Opens resource in a 2nd browser window.

2nd Window Bic_SW Database Searches
[EMBL] A protein and nucleic sequence database search tool.
[more info][10437]

2nd Window BLITZ
[EMBL] BLITZ performs comparisons of protein sequences against the SWISS-PROT protein sequence database using the Smith and Waterman best local similarity algorithm.
[more info][10439]

2nd Window ParAlign
[University of Oslo] This site features the fastest implementation published of the Smith-Waterman local sequence alignment algorithm on any general-purpose microprocessor. It gives a nine-fold speed-up over SSEARCH (with SWAT-optimisations) on identical hardware.
[more info][13448]

2nd Window Scanps2.3
[EBI] A program for comparing a protein or nucleic acid sequence to a database of sequences.
[more info][10487]

2nd Window SSEARCH
[Genestream Resource Center] A Smith-Waterman sequence similarity search program that returns results by e-mail only.
[more info][12128]

2nd Window SSS Align
[Univ. of Edinburgh] A software implementation of the Smith/Waterman best local similarity algorithm which, in addition to the traditional Dayhoff PAM scoring scheme, has the ability to use secondary structure prediction in order to align sequences which have identities as low as 15% and still identify those sequences as significant.
[more info][11284]


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