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2nd Window Opens resource in a 2nd browser window.

2nd Window BCM Gene Finder
[Baylor College of Medicine] This service provides several tools that use the identification of certain regions (splice sites, protein coding exons, promotor and poly-A regions) in nucleic acid sequences to find possible genes.
[more info][10382]

2nd Window BCM Search Launcher: Gene Feature Searches
[Baylor College of Medicine] A single page offering services for exon, intron, and gene model prediction; promoter and transcription factor binding site prediction; and open reading frame (ORF) identification.
[more info][12059]

2nd Window Center for Biological Sequence Analysis
[Technical University of Denmark] CBS conducts basic research in bioinformatics. It offers a number of nucleotide and protein prediction (from sequence) servers, other tools, and "value-added" datasets.
[more info][12379]

2nd Window Computational Biology and Informatics Laboratory
[University of Pennsylvania] Multiple bioinformatics related tools and databases. The site also includes information about related degree programs and UPenn.
[more info][12053]

2nd Window Gene Prediction Services
[European Molecular Biology Laboratory] A collection of tools for gene prediction. Some of which include GENSCAN, GeneID, GeneParser, GRAIL, and many others.
[more info][12054]

2nd Window Nucleotide Sequence Analysis
[Sanger Centre] This server provides multiple nucleotide sequence analysis tools that will identify splice sites, protein coding exons, promotors, poly-A regions, and more.
[more info][12052]

2nd Window Software Tools
[TIGR] A list of links to very useful molecular biology and bioinformatics-related freeware. The list includes programs for DNA sequencing and sequence analysis, genomic searches, and microarray image processing.
[more info][12051]

2nd Window XYLEM
[University of Manitoba] A collection of tools designed enable the user to identify, extract, and manipulate data from major databases such as GenBank, EMBL and PIR.
[more info][11289]


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