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2nd Window BASS
[Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research] A software program for tracking, extracting, and base calling DNA sequencing gels.
[more info][11238]

2nd Window Chromas1.2
[Technelysium] This program displays and prints chromatogram files from ABI automated DNA sequencers and Staden SCF files, and it allows the user to manipulate the sequences.
[more info][11240]

2nd Window DNATools
[Carlsberg Laboratory] Software for handling and analysis of nucleotide and protein sequences. This downloadable package also has special functions for EST and SAGE handling and analysis.
[more info][11249]

2nd Window FAKtory
[Arizona Research Laboratories] FAKtory is a software environment for supporting DNA sequencing projects. FAKtory runs on machines configured with the UNIX operating system. It is called FAKtory because it employs our FAKII Fragment Assembly Kernel that is a C-library of routines incorporating our best algorithms for solving the shotgun assembly problem. FAKtory is highly configurable and can perform fragment clipping, prescreening, and tagging functions, shotgun assembly with or without constraints, and sequence finishing. An extensible input/output mechanism permits FAKtory to be inserted into any informatics environment.
[more info][11764]

2nd Window GelReader
[NCSA] A color imaging and analysis tool that extracts information from digitized electrophoretic gel images, allowing manipulation of lanes and bands.
[more info][11252]

2nd Window Getlanes
[Washington School of Medicine] Software developed to track lanes in four-color, flourescence-based, electrophoretic gel images for use in large scale sequencing projects.
[more info][11254]

2nd Window Peakmatcher Download Site
[University of Minnesota] Peakmatcher is an Excel macro that automates the creation of a binary (1/0) table from semi-automated fluorescence-based AFLP. It can utilize text output from ABI PRISM Genotyper software.
[more info][13768]

2nd Window Phrap
[CodonCode Corp.] Phrap is a program for DNA sequence assembly. Some of Phrap's feature include: fast assemblies, consensus quality estimates, and improved identification and handling of repeats.
[more info][11995]

2nd Window Phred Phrap Consed System Home Page
[University of Washington] This set of widely used programs does the following. Phred reads DNA sequencer trace data, calls bases, and assigns quality values to the bases. Phrap assembles shotgun DNA sequence data. Consed is graphical tool for editing Phrap assemblies. SWAT and CROSS_MATCH do sequence similarity searches.
[more info][13444]

2nd Window Retrak v1.5
[Washington Univ. - St. Louis] A retracking and analysis environment for processing a large volume of gel samples.
[more info][11276]

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2nd Window Stanford Genome Technology Center
[Stanford University] This site provides information about the center's informatics projects and links to DNA sequencing projects, software, and tools.
[more info][12000]


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