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2nd Window AgBioWorld
AgBioWorld is devoted to bringing information about technological advances in agriculture to the developing world. Members include scientists, physicians, professors, and others who believe that recent developments in plant science, such as biotechnology, can and should be used to increase crop yields, grow more nutritious plants, and reduce dependence on chemicals in order to alleviate hunger and to help preserve the environment.
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2nd Window Council for Biotechnology Information
This organization was founded by leading biotechnolog companies to create a public dialogue and share information about biotechnology that is based on objective scientific research, independent expert opinion, and peer-reviewed published reports.
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2nd Window Hello Dolly
[Poway Unified School District] This site addresses both the positive and negative aspects of cloning. Through activities and research, students are prompted to use critical thinking skills and answer the following question, "What government policy should be established to regulate cloning?"
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2nd Window Straight Talk about Biotechnology
[DuPont Biotechnology] Straight Talk about Biotechnology provides science-based information about agricultural biotechnology in an environment that encourages open discussion. The site includes a newsroom that is updated each day. Although Straight Talk is sponsored by DuPont, the site is educational, not commercial.
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