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2nd Window Bioinformatics: Sequence and Genome Analysis
Bioinformatics: Sequence and Genome Analysis by David W. Mount is a comprehensive functional and theoretical introduction to this new discipline. Sequence alignment, structure prediction, phylogenetics and gene prediction, database searching, and genome analysis are amply explained and illustrated in the printed text.
[more info][14072]

2nd Window Developing Bioinformatics Computer Skills
[O'Reilly] This book will help biologists, researchers, and students develop a structured approach to biological data and the computer tools they'll need to analyze it. The book covers the Unix file system, building tools and databases for bioinformatics, computational approaches to biological problems, an introduction to Perl for bioinformatics, data mining, data visualization, and tips for tailoring data analysis software to individual research needs.
[more info][13510]

2nd Window John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Publishers
Develops, publishes, and sells products in print and electronic media for the educational, professional, scientific, technical, medical, and consumer markets worldwide.
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2nd Window O'Reilly Online Catalog
Developing Bioinformatics Computer Skills text book description.
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2nd Window UNIX in a Nutshell: System V Edition, 3rd Edition
[O'Reilly] According to the publisher, "The bestselling, most informative UNIX reference book is now more complete and up-to-date." Published September 1999.
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2nd Window Wiley InterScience
[John Wiley & Sons] Entry point for all Wiley online journals. Access to tables of content and abstracts for some 300 Wiley journals is also available to guest users.
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