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2nd Window Biochemistry in 3D
[Worth Publishers] "Biochemistry in 3D is a collection of interactive tutorials using 3D structures to teach concepts in Biochemistry. It is designed to accompany Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry 3rd edition."
[more info][12333]

2nd Window BioMolecules in the Classroom
[University of Massachusetts] Information and tutorials on how to use RasMol and Chime, and tutorials that use RasMol and Chime to teach biomolecules.
[more info][12331]

2nd Window Chime
[Univ. of Massachusetts, Department of Microbiology] This program is used to view molecular structures on Netscape.
[more info][11293]

2nd Window Chime - Great Sites
[MDL] A chemical structure visualization plug-in for Windows and Macintosh.
[more info][12037]

2nd Window Chime Downloadable Resources
[University of Massachusetts] [Annotation pending]
[more info][12329]

2nd Window Chime: How to Use It.
[University of Massachusetts] A tutorial explaining how to use the Chime molecular visualization browser plug-in.
[more info][12328]

2nd Window Computers in Chemistry
[Cabrillo College] A set of molecular visualization tutorials, information, and problem sets that use Chime.
[more info][12355]

2nd Window DNA-RNA Structure Tutorials
[Tulane] A collection of tutorials on DNA and RNA using Chime.
[more info][11911]

2nd Window Exploring 3D Molecules
[University of Massachusetts] This is a workshop titled "Exploring 3D molecular structure with computer visualization using MDLI's Chemscape Chime & Protein Explorer," given by Eric Martz.
[more info][12334]

2nd Window Noncovalent Bond Finder
[University of Massachusetts] [Annotation pending]
[more info][12337]

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2nd Window Online Macromolecular Museum
[California Lutheran College] The OMM is a site for the display and study of macromolecules. It's "exhibits" are interactive tutorials on individual molecules in which hypertextual explanations of important biochemical features are linked to illustrative renderings of the molecule at hand.
[more info][11907]

2nd Window RasMol, Chime & Protein Explorer
[University of Massachusetts] [Annotation pending]
[more info][12322]

2nd Window Rubisco
[Birkbeck College - University of London] (1999) Uses Chime to explore the mechanism of "the world's most abundant enzyme."
[more info][11908]

2nd Window World Index of Molecular Visualization Resources
This is a visitor-maintained website. Visitors may submit website URL's with descriptions and cross-indexing terms. Categories include Biochemistry and inorganic chemistry tutorials, how to create Chime tutorials, resources for structural data files, and sources for visualization and modeling software.
[more info][12060]


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