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2nd Window Opens resource in a 2nd browser window.

2nd Window RasMol 2.7.1 and 2.7.2
[Bernstein+Sons] New versions of RasMol, for molecular display and manipulation, with new manual, languages other than English.
[more info][13614]

2nd Window RasMol, Chime & Protein Explorer
[University of Massachusetts] [Annotation pending]
[more info][12322]

2nd Window RasMol EMail List
[University of Massachusetts] This email list has evolved into a broader discussion of molecular visualization in general, especially molecular visualization in education.
[more info][12324]

2nd Window RasTop 2.0
RasTop is a molecular visualization program for Windows platforms adapted from the program RasMol. It wraps a user-friendly graphical interface around the RasMol molecular engine. The software allows several molecules to be opened in the same window and several windows to be opened at the same time.
[more info][12386]


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