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2nd Window A. C. R. Martin Bioinfo Site
Downloadable Java software for bioinformatics, including a Needleman-Wunsch program and a protein structural least-squares fit program.
[more info][13719]

2nd Window Analytical Biostatistics Section
[NIH] The ABS offers downloadable software and servers in the areas of sequence analysis, protein structure prediction, ligand binding, and gene expression.
[more info][12372]

2nd Window BioMagResBank
[Univ. of Wisconsin] "A Repository for Data from NMR Spectroscopy on Proteins, Peptides, and Amino Acids." The database includes information on each biological molecule, NMR spectral parameters, kinetics, thermodynamics,and structure.
[more info][12309]

2nd Window Biomolecular Structure and Modelling Group
[University College London] The BSM group brings together people who derive protein and carbohydrate structure information using crystallography or NMR, those who manage databases of this information, and analysts and modellers who examine these structures to try to derive principles of protein folding. Services are offered in the areas of protein sequence and stucture analysis. The group is the home of the CATH protein structure classification database.
[more info][12373]

2nd Window EVA: Evaluation of Automatic protein structure prediction
[Columbia University] The EVA service provides a continuous, fully automated, and statistically significant analysis of the accuracy of protein structure prediction servers.
[more info][12411]

2nd Window GeneCensus Genome Comparisons
[Yale University] This site provides genome and phylogenetics related information, databases, and services for many classes of organisms, mainly microscopic.
[more info][12297]

2nd Window JOY Software
[University of Cambridge] JOY is a program to annotate protein sequence alignments with three-dimensional (3D) structural features.
[more info][12310]

2nd Window META Server
[Columbia University Bioinformatics Center] This server submits your protein sequence to other servers through one interface. Analyses are in the areas of protein structure and function.
[more info][12366]

2nd Window Molecular Docking Web
[Home page of Dr. Garrett M. Morris] Ligand-protein docking, with access to AutoDock program, important for drug design. Many links for ligands, protein structure, drug design, computational chemistry, bioinformatics.
[more info][13720]

2nd Window Molecular Structure Computer Programs
[University of Lunds] Several program packages dealing with molecular structure analysis and NMR data analysis.
[more info][12299]

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2nd Window Naccess
[S. Hubbard & J. Thornton, UMIST] A stand alone program that calculates the accessible area of a molecule from a PDB format file. It can calculate the atomic and residual accessiblities for both proteins and nucleic acids.
[more info][11114]

2nd Window PredictProtein Server
[EMBL] Permits the user to submit a sequence for prediction. Links to other pages for multiple sequence alignment, prediction of secondary structure, prediction of solvent accessibility, prediction of transmembrane helices, prediction of topology for transmembrane proteins, fold recognition by prediction-based threading, and evaluation of secondary structure prediction accuracy.
[more info][10509]

2nd Window Presage
[Berkeley University] PRESAGE is a collaborative resource for protein structure. It provides a database of proteins, each of which has a collection of annotations reflecting current experimental status, structural assignments models, and suggestions.
[more info][14078]

2nd Window PROMOTIF Software
[University College London] "Promotif analyzes a protein coordinate file and provides details of the structural motifs in the protein."
[more info][12302]

2nd Window Protein Analysis & Modelling Software
[University College London] Publicly available bioinformatics software. Most of these programs are for the analysis of protein sequence and structure.
[more info][12301]

2nd Window Protein Modelling Software
[National University of Singapore] Well-annotated links to software for protein modelling programs and their online manuals.
[more info][12311]

2nd Window Protein Sidechain Webpage
[Fox Chase Cancer Center] This site links together several sites with information about protein sidechains. These sites contain information on sidechain conformational analysis, sidechain rotamer libraries, and sidechain conformation prediction.
[more info][12122]

2nd Window Protein Topology Home Page
[EBI] This site offers services devoted to protein structural topology and protein topology cartoons.
[more info][10512]

2nd Window Proteomics Tools
[ExPASy] An extensive annotated list of links to tools that provide analysis of protein sequences and structures.
[more info][12118]

2nd Window SECOST
[BIMS] Sequence-conformation-structure database for amino acid residues in proteins.
[more info][12298]

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2nd Window STAMP
[The Barton Group] A suite of programs for the comparison and alignment of protein three dimensional structures. The suite will multiply align structures and produce a corresponding sequence alignment with confidence values associated with each aligned position.
[more info][11231]

2nd Window Structural Biology
[Dunbrack Group, Fox Chase Cancer Center] A large list of annotated links to resources in 3-D, structural biology, sequence databases and analysis tools, protein information, home pages of other research groups, and more.
[more info][12422]

2nd Window TOP and MAPS
[Lund University] Pairwise/multiple alignment and similarity searches in databases for three dimensinal protein structures.
[more info][12306]


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