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2nd Window Opens resource in a 2nd browser window.

2nd Window Annotated Brookhaven Protein Database
[Bechman Institute, University of Illinois] (Shivakumar Rajaraman) Protein database for use with the Mosaic browser.
[more info][12644]

2nd Window Enzyme Structures Database
[University College London] A database of the known enzyme structures in the Brookhaven Protein Data Bank.
[more info][12578]

2nd Window Latest PDB News
[Protein Data Bank] The latest news from the Protein Data Bank that is updated weekly.
[more info][12751]

2nd Window Macromolecular Structure Database
[EBI] "The EBI Macromolecular Structure Database is the European Project for the collection, management, and distribution of data about macromolecular structures." This database includes the PDB and other structures/databases.
[more info][12229]

2nd Window PDB Newsletter
[Protein Data Bank] A quarterly newsletter providing current information on the various activities occurring at the Protein Data Bank.
[more info][12780]

2nd Window PDB-ISL Server
The PDB-ISL (PDBintermediate Sequence Library) is a sensitive and fast search procedure. It is useful for finding sequences in the PDB protein structure database that are homologous to a sequence of unknown structure. PSI-BLAST, Smith Waterman, and FASTA searches are provided.
[more info][14066]

2nd Window PDB_SELECT
[EMBL] A representative list of PDB protein chain identifiers.
[more info][12227]

2nd Window Protein Data Bank
[Research Collaboratory for Structural Bioinformatics] The PDB is the single international repository for the processing and distribution of 3-D macromolecular structure data primarily determined experimentally by X-ray crystallography and NMR. This is an indispensable resource for structural biology, especially proteins.
[more info][12398]

2nd Window Protein Data Bank - BETA site
[Research Collaboratory for Structural Bioinformatics] The Beta site for testing new features of the PDB.
[more info][12225]

2nd Window S2C Database
[Fox Chase Cancer Center] S2C is a database correlating sequence and atomic coordinate residue numbering in the Protein Data Bank. It contains files correlating the implicit residue numbering in the SEQRES records of a PDB file with the numbering found in the ATOM (coordinate) records. A FASTA formatted version of the PDB amino acide sequences is also provided.
[more info][12228]

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