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2nd Window Agricultural Microbes Genome I Conference
[Scherago International] (San Diego, CA) January 2000. Topics: Sequencing, Technology & Bioinformatics, and Functional Genomics/Applications.
[more info][12851]

2nd Window BIO 2000
[Biotechnology Industry Organization] (Boston, MA) March 26-30, 2000. The largest Biotechnology Industry Conference.
[more info][11926]

2nd Window CAMDA
[Duke Bioinformatics Shared Resources] CAMDA1 was founded to provide a forum to critically assess different techniques used in microarray data mining. It aims to establish the state-of-the-art in microarray data mining, as well as identify progress and highlight the direction for future effort.
[more info][14071]

2nd Window Cardiovascular Genomics
[CHI] (Miami, FL) January 31-February 1, 2000. The prominent position of genetics in cardiovascular research is becoming increasingly established. Researchers are broadening their scope of genetic and molecular models of cardiovascular research and are using them in both clinical and applied laboratory settings (i.e., drug design).
[more info][12856]

2nd Window Genome 2000 Tri-Conference
[CHI] (San Francisco, California) February 26-March 3, 2000. Genomic Partnering: Emerging and Early Stage Companies, Human Genome Project: Commercial Implications, and Gene Functional Analysis.
[more info][12859]

2nd Window Integrative Bioinformatics
[CHI] (Zurich, Switzerland) January 20-21, 2000. Topics included: Data Management, Linking Microarrays with Proteomics, Software Tools for Use with Microarrays, Integrating Bioinformatics with Drug Discovery, Progress in Data Visualization, and Gene Expression Analysis.
[more info][12853]

2nd Window Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology
[ISMB] 8th International Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology. August 19-23, 2000. The conference provided a general forum for disseminating the latest developments in bioinformatics.
[more info][11925]

2nd Window RECOMB2000: The Fourth Annual International Conference on Computational Molecular Biology
[ACM-SIGACT] (Tokyo, Japan) April 8-11, 2000. Conference topics included the development of algorithms for the analysis of sequences and structures, novel approaches to mapping and phylogenetics, and much more.
[more info][12861]


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