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Edward Burlbaw, Principal Investigator of SWBIC, launches the workshop series with a statement of purpose and presenter introductions.
A group shot of the participants, presenters, and assistants present at the “Bioinformatics Tools on the Internet” held in Tuskegee, AL on November 21-22, 1998.
The Tuskegee Kellogg Conference Center housed the workshop presenters and participants. Tuskegee University is a Historically Black University and the home of George Washington Carver.
Mgavi Braithwaite (Tuskegee/CPBR) is shown assisting Agnes Alajo with a multiple sequence alignment during on of the lab sessions. The workshop presentations covered a range of bioinformatics tools available for use through the Internet. Darryl Hicks & Carl Thomas are shown listening to a presentation.

Dr. Stuart Brown from New York University Medical School presented a lecture and lab session on advanced Bioninformatics tools that help determine the relationships between gene/protein structure & function.

Dr. David Scott and Dr. Sherri Clark (SWBIC) are shown discussing the molecular modeling tools available on the Internet for viewing biological molecules while Xiaorong Zhang listens in.
The workshop included lab sessions to allow participants to work with the tools being presented. Janet Greenlee (SWBIC) and Dr. C.S. Prakash (Tuskegee,CPBR) are shown assisting Quincy Lewis & Dr. Marceline Egnin during one of the lab seesions. Dr. Prakash is the director of the Tuskegee Center for Plant Biotechnology Research, the local workshop sponsor.

Workshop Participants

Agnes Alajo, Marvin Autry, Radhakrishnan Balu, Casy Bethel, Dr. Laura DeLong, Dr. Sarwan Dhir, Seema Dhir, Dr. Marceline Egnin, Carole Gaston, Casey Hamilton, Guohao He, Darryl Hicks, Jacquelyn Jackson, Kent Knowles, James Lewis, Quincy Lewis, Jingyang Li, Athertina McKenzie, Dr. V. Nagaraju, Dr. Narayanan Perumal,Tarek Radwan, Keisha Robinson, Dr. David L. Scott, Jr., Xiaoyun Tang, Carl Thomas, Michon Walker, Xiaorong Zhang, and Allan Zipf.