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The workshop provided participants with hands-on computer lab activities to reinforce the information presented during the lectures.
Participants were attentive as Dr. Rick Bernstein (SWBIC), displayed an image of a Green Fluorescent Protein.
Dr. Pete Lammers and Dr. John Spalding (SWBIC), provided reinforcement and assisted participants with any difficulties that they had during computer lab activities.
Workshop participants and colleagues worked cooperatively to assist each other throughout the workshop.
Computer lab activities were supplemented with a workshop manual that provided instructions on each activity.

Workshop Participants

Dr. John Allen, Erika Barr, Solomon Bililign, Dr. Ronald H. Blackmon, Dr. Maggie Boylan, Goldie Byrd, Kynita Campbell, Christine Ann Crapo, Dr. Valeria P. Fleming, Gloria Girard, Ramana M. Gosukonda, Dr. Gary L. Harmon, Shellie Jones, Amy Johnston-Ward, Dr. Thomas Jordan, Sommer Knight, Patricia Matterson, Chadwick McDavid, Dawn McGhee, Dr. Bette McKnight, Dr. Sashi Sabaratnam, Dr. Mary Smith, Dr. Bodiford Lee Stackhouse, Alan Stephenson, Azah Tabah, Michelle E. Vigil, Jenora Waterman, Dr. Mulumebet (Millie) Worku, Zipporah White-Evans, Anand K. Yadav, and Dr. Gouchen Yang