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Bioinformatics: Merging Biology and Computer Science

October 21-23, 1999 North Carolina Central University, Durham, NC

workshop presented by

The Southwest Biotechnology and Informatics Center

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The Bioinformatics: Merging Biology and Computer Science workshop was held on the North Carolina Central University campus October 21-23, 1999. It attracted university faculty, staff and graduate students in the areas of molecular biology and biochemistry, as well as faculty, staff and graduate students from other North Carolina universities. This workshop provided an overview of the bioinformatics/computational molecular biology tools available for use over the Internet.

The workshop enabled participants to:

  • become familiar with the most commonly used nucleic acid and protein databases and analysis tools on the Internet.
  • participate in hands-on computer labs to practice the use of these tools.
  • learn skills that will allowed them to explore and exploit the more specific tools that may be useful to their own projects.

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